Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Nanny' heads for South america

'The Nanny'Sony Pictures Television has inked its first scripted format production offer South america. A 3-year co-production pact without any. 4 web Band TV will start having a local version of SPT's hit sitcom, "The Nanny." Included in the agreement, SPT and Band TV will produce two other primetime sitcoms according to SPT's scripted format catalog or original productions. Both will share distribution from the skein worldwide. The 3 sitcoms is going to be created by Sao Paulo-based Floresta, a partnership between SPT and production professional Elisabetta Zenatti. Floresta produces the Brazilian version of "The Dr. Oz Show" for SPT. Composed of 180 episodes, the Brazilian "Nanny" is going to be removed Monday through Friday on Band TV the coming year. Local versions of "The Nanny" happen to be created in nine nations including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Russia. Contact the range newsroom at news@variety.com

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss:' Exactly what the Experts Say

Chuck Hodes Kelsey Grammer stars because the mayor of Chicago in Starz' chilling new drama, Boss, which premieres Friday at 10 p.m.our editor recommends'Boss' Start Looking: Kelsey Grammer's Serious for Starz (Video)Camille Grammer Places blame Fox News for Kelsey Grammer Marriage Worries Do you know the experts saying concerning the show, the industry departure from Grammar's star-making Frasier character? Creates Tim Goodman within the Hollywood Reporter: "Kelsey Grammer's drama strips politics lower to ugly truth -- creating an "it" reveal that marks the appearance of Starz. PHOTOS: Kelsey Grammer: Over time "You are able to think back in the good reputation for a variety of storied cable channels and select the series that really set them around the right course -- the series that built them into gamers. For Cinemax, it had been The Sopranos for Showtime, it had been Dexter for Forex, it had been The Shield as well as for AMC, it had been Mad Males," he continues. "Other series may have received just as much critical acclaim, but still others would get greater rankings. But individuals were game-changers. And today Starz has its own funnel-determining series in Boss, a wholly impressive new drama that arrives from the gate with gravitas, swagger, originality and intrigue. It's the type of series that really puts Starz into the spotlight (and when it can make 2 or 3 others, it will likely be a very competitive three-way race within the pay cable area)," he adds. STORY: Starz Renews Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss' In front of Drama's Premiere "Boss may be the type of series that appears to achieve the 'it' factor in the opening credits. High-quality emerging series frequently announce themselves with authority, therefore it's obvious Starz has something here. The premium cable funnel apparently has 19 million customers, comparable as Showtime, which trails Cinemax by a lot more than ten million. Which means Boss can produce a real difference, not just by as being a show people absolutely need to visit but additionally by tempting more creative producers to Starz," creates Goodman. VIDEO: Emmy Roundtable: Drama Stars Within the NY Publish, Linda Stasi creates, "Many of the characterizations work wonderfully, and also the acting is fantastic. But, at the disposal of Gus Van Sant ("My Very Own Private Idaho,") and Farhad Safinia ("Apocalypto"), and underneath the auspices of Starz from the sluts 'n' sandals epics like "Spartacus," the town of Chicago appears less just like a town than the usual principality run by some meth-fueled Arab sheik." But she suggests the violence, and quips, "Maybe they ought to refer to it as 'Mob Boss.'" Within the NY Daily News, David Hinckley creates, "Let's suppose Tony Soprano had run Chicago rather than the Jersey mob, and also you'll acquire some idea what to anticipate in "Boss," a tough-boiled new drama that catapults Kelsey Grammer right into a different world from Frasier Crane." "That relentlessness may be the primary factor which will keep some audiences from getting absorbed within this complex and rewarding drama. "Boss" rarely got its feet from the accelerator, and also the filming style, with frequent residual closeups of eyes or lips, magnifies the intensity," adds Hinckley. PHOTOS: Fall TV's 12 Most Anticipated Shows "This may also feel more intense due to the nudity and frequently joyless sex moments, by having an explicitness that doesn't add much otherwise towards the story," he continues." "It's correct that we've met many of these driven, self-obsessed, amoral figures before. We've seen the majority of the things they are doing,Inch he creates. "But that's the case with just about any drama, and Boss helps make the tales compelling and chilling once again." Kelsey Grammer Boss

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ratings: Castle Stays Strong

Castle Castle nabbed the most viewers in the final hour of Monday's prime time for the fifth straight week - 11.50 million vs. 10.87 million for CBS' Hawaii Five-0, which nonetheless won in the 18-to-49 demographic, 3.1 to 2.6. NBC, meantime, again ran a repeat of Prime Suspect in the former time slot of the canceled The Playboy Club, which 2.74 million people (0.8) watched. Fall TV Popularity Contest: What new shows have won you over? At 9/8c, the audience for Two and a Half Men dropped again to 14.85 million fans - a million fewer than last week - but the show still scored a night-leading 5.7 demo rating. Following Men, Mike & Molly drew 11.60 million (3.9 demo rating). House (back in its normal time slot) drew 8.37 million viewers (3.1 demo rating) after calling on a baseball-delayed 5.85 million (2.3) last week. The fourth episode of The CW's Hart of Dixie rose to 1.75 million and a 0.7; the freshman series rose by 9 percent among women 18-to-34 and 14 percent overall in that age group. Check out the rest of the day's news on TVGuide.com In prime time's first hour, CBS sitcoms How I Met Your Mother lured 9.77 million fans (4.1 demo rating) and 2 Broke Girls 11.29 million (4.3) and The CW's Gossip Girl 1.32 million (0.6). A week after getting bounced back an hour by baseball, Terra Nova returned to its 8/7 time slot and rebounded to 7.97 million viewers, up more than a million. Its 2.7 demo rating was up 8 percent. Also starting at 8, Dancing with the Stars typically averaged the night's highest viewership at 17.47 million (3.2 demo rating), while NBC's The Sing-Off enticed a steady 4.32 million (1.6) over two hours.

'Pina' vies for Euro docu prize

BERLIN -- Wim Wenders' "Pina," Leonard Retel Helmrich's "Position One of the Stars" and Victor Kossakovsky's "Vivan las antipodas!" are competing with this year's European Film Award for documentary."Pina," a three dimensional tribute towards the late Pina Bausch, among modern dance's most groundbreaking choreographers, can also be Germany's foreign Oscar contender."Position One of the Stars," the ultimate entry of the Nederlander trilogy in regards to a working-class family in Indonesia, won the very best prize in the Worldwide Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam this past year."Vivan las antipodas!," that will open the Marly del Plata Film Festival in Argentina the following month, explores the planet through antipodal locations -- situated 180 levels opposite from one another worldwide, from Argentina and China to The country and Nz.Selected by committee, the nominated paperwork will be distributed around all 2,500 people from the European Film Academy, who'll election for that champion.The prize is going to be introduced in the European Film Honours in Berlin on 12 ,. 3. Contact Erectile dysfunction Meza at staff@variety.com

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jewish may be the new red-colored

Ryan Kavanaugh The Anti-Defamation League honored Ryan Kavanaugh March. 11 in the Beverly Hilton. Co-emcee Ben Silverman, Boss and founding father of Electus, ribbed the guy from the evening. "It is all about Ryan. Clearly it certainly is about Ryan, but tonight particularly," he quipped. Though he was fighting temperature, Kavanaugh very asserted his Jewish heritage because he recognized ADL's entertainment industry award. "Usually person standing this is a Jew. I usually obtain the question -- Ryan Kavanaugh, red-colored hair -- but I am here once more to make sure you I am Jewish on sides," he stated. "And until my mother confesses she'd an affair using the milkman or even the postman I'll stay Jewish on sides." :- Shelby Hill Contact Variety Staff at news@variety.com

Friday, October 14, 2011

'Shame' U.K. Trailer: Tortured Soul Michael Fassbender Flashes Mattress room Eyes

.publish-content img 'Shame' was already most likely probably the most discussed movies striking the festival circuit this year, and when you're interested in Michael Fassbender, director Steve McQueen's exquisite shot composition and flashes of nearly scandalous behavior, compared to trailer can do nothing to dampen your anticipation. Inside the new film, Fassbender stars as Brandon, a NY sex addict which has a more sophisticated relationship along with his sister (Carey Mulligan). Maybe too complicated. 'Shame' can get to theaters on 12 ,. 2 because of Fox Searchlight. Right now, it seems known as with an NC-17 rating, due to some graphic sex moments and full-frontal nudity from Fassbender and Mulligan. That doesn't are available in the slightly NSFW trailer above, however, you will get yourself a taste of Harry Escott's wonderful score. Sneaky potential Oscar nominee alert! [with the Protector] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook RELATED

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams on Catherine Avery's Arrival and "Jaxie's" Future

Grey's Anatomy, Darlene Allen and Jesse Williams In the event you thought Meredith Grey stood a difficult mother, just hold off until you fulfill the matriarach in the exclusive Avery family. In this week's Grey's Anatomy, Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery (referred to by Darlene Allen, which has directed multiple cases of the ABC medical drama) involves Dallas Sophistication to do a groundbreaking surgery. His intrusive mother's visit becomes a lot more uncomfortable for him when it's revealed what procedure she's doing: A penis transplant. Grey's Anatomy Start Searching: Dallas Sophistication hits the dugout TVGuide.com taken track of Jesse Williams to obtain the scoop on Catherine's stay at a health care facility as well as what's available money for hard times of Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Jackson (Or "Jaxie," while he likes to contact them): Which kind of body's Catherine Avery? Is she Ellis Grey, 2.? Jesse Williams: I'd say she offers a great deal that's much like her because she's a bit of the narcissist, she's incredibly meddling and many types of-knowing, with medical capabilities, but that spills to social confidence and associations, just giving information on every level. However, I'd say she's not the same as Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) because she's very warm, very maternal and being careful of. She's a touchy[-feely] mother who want to swaddle you up. That's engaging for Jackson, but furthermore a bit of the deterrent because there's a stage within the existence for the, but he's been trying to really make it by themself. Jackson doesn't desire to live off his legacy and also the title, which conflicts with him trying to bond together with his mother. We hear Jackson will ship Lexie off. How come not he want her to fulfill his mother? Williams: He doesn't desire to scare her off. He doesn't want her appear like she's being hit having a battering ram and achieving grilled. He doesn't expect his pregnant woman there extended. He needs her showing up, give a lecture, and take away. He doesn't know there's a groundbreaking method that sherrrd like to accomplish, which he's not a clue she'll essentially be living there for the short period of time. With delivering Lexie off, he's attempting to behave right, trying to begin new along with her and permit the pace set itself by not rushing into anything. Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rhimes: The love between Cristina and Owen remains Exactly what are Jackson and Catherine just like surgery? Is he trying to prove themselves? Williams: Sure, he desires to have her approval and wants her to think about he's ahead within the class. However don't appear like he's overburdened by trying to become great enough on her behalf very much the same as [he's with] his grandfather, who in several ways, isn't keen on him just like a person. He wants his mother to not be embarrassed about him, but he doesn't want her being meddling all up within the sh--. Which kind of interaction does Catherine have with Jackson's mentor, Mark (Eric Dane)? Does he seek her approval? Williams: Yeah, it's nice that Mark can also be funny, a prick, but he's always cocky and confident. It's nice to find out somebody put anybody with people characteristics inside their place, or switch them around the heads where those are the primary one seeking approval when they're very stingy in dishing it. It's part of Jackson's growth process with Mark in identifying who this dude is. There's a part of Jackson who not determine whether he should take him seriously, both just like a personality to ensure that just as one threat to his girlfriend and sex existence. Could he be described as a problem or possibly a genuine resource to Jackson? What's readily available for Meredith and Derek given that they have forfeit baby Zola? Cure will Catherine connect with at Dallas Sophistication? Williams: You'll probably see Catherine Avery come in with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Her dynamic with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is funny because Catherine starts meddling. She understood Ellis Grey, she knows the primary (James Pickens, Junior.), so she knows who Meredith is. Her trying to toy with Meredith just a little is always to suss out just what the deal is to apply Lexie. She's carrying out a not-very-clever meddling detective, usually directly before Jackson's face. It harkens as to the Jackson and Meredith experienced when Jackson's grandfather was here. Meredith was really the only individual that really got pressure and frustration to become a legacy and trying to create your individual title. As they labored alongside April (Sarah Came) and contains been pals along with her for any very long time, Jackson's mother knows her too and trained her in the class. Unconsciously to Jackson, it calculates April has not only been remaining in touch with his mother, that they didn't find out about, but they're really Facebook pals. [Laughs] He's startled and annoyed with the idea she's even on Facebook, so he feels there's no confidence in confidentially any more. Continue, what is going to we view for Lexie and Jackson? Especially since Chyler Leigh hasn't been around much this season. Williams: I'm really really taking into consideration the way the following handful of episodes may have by helping cover their each of them, "Jaxie," as they say. This is their explanation are affected from view of used in the identical space constantly, coping with Mark, her searching for her place, him getting pressure of fifth year, in addition to, Jackson trying to juggle everything. They've stood a great stride a few several days, and so i am excited to find out where it's going. However, you will dsicover them engaged in a really serious and relaxed dialogue and may be interacting inside the coming episodes. Grey's Anatomy's Jaw-Losing Moments: Meredith and Derek got married, George dies Mark clearly still cares for Lexie, precisely how will affecting "Jaxie's" relationship? Williams: We have not totally sussed that out yet. Mark has typically been a muck bag who just chases tail, but his relationship with Lexie was real which is difficult to shake people feelings. The whole triangular is about feelings and the way quickly they could fade or return, or convincing ourselves we're over somebody if we are not. Jackson went into the relationship with eyes available which they know the sale. Mark does a relatively admirable job about residing in the area. He really cares a good deal about Jackson just like a student together with a surgeon. How will you go through the fans who feel so strongly about Mark and Lexie fixing the relationship? Williams: I proceed and take audience's awareness very seriously. It's my job to wish to be alert to this after we make options as stars to put effort and time into creating these figures. I know they've got more particulars than Jackson does. After they see Jackson and Lexie, they're really alert to her history with Mark and so they expect something to happen. They wish to determine whether she's really over him so when she's continue. It's a perfectly reasonable question, and what I've been experiencing playing is Jackson dealing with that in the mature way, knowing it, while not being passionate about this. Jackson is learning he can't control everything. Do you want to see Lexie with Jackson or Mark? Hit should be genuine along with your ideas. Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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Nick Lachey Talks Future Fatherhood Plans

First Released: October 10, 2011 4:17 PM EDT Credit: Access Hollywood Caption Nick Lachey stops by Access Hollywood Survive September 10, 2011LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Nick Lachey had his wedding with Vanessa Minnillo in This summer, includes a home in the home town of Cincinnati now, the star and the new wife have to grow it. The Sing-Off host stopped by Access Hollywood Survive Monday, where he says his fatherhood plan's materializing. The 37-year-old told Billy Rose bush and Package Hoover he lately purchased a home across the street from brother and former fellow 98 Levels member Came Lachey. Thats type of that brother dream, Nick stated. Were gonna develop and also have houses alongside one another. Our children are likely to participate in the backyard together. Despite being married to some fellow star, Nick stated his ladylove is becoming accustomed to the Area lifestyle. [Vanessa has] really growing to like Cincinnati, its clearly not LA or NY nevertheless its an excellent spot to raise a household. Its where my loved ones is and it is type of her family now, and were loving it, he ongoing. I really like the thought of raising kids within the Area, in which the values are great and that i love the thought of raising my children alongside my buddy. Adding, Only one problem, I must access it the little one wagon! Nick stopped short creating a large baby announcement, saying, Eventually that'll be awesome. The Sing-Off airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All privileges reserved. These components might not be released, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Cinemark Refused Rehearing In Movie theaters Palme DOr Suit

A completely independent exhibitor rising against Cinemark notched another victory being an appeals court released another ruling in the favor. Flagship Cinemas of Palm Desert, who owns the ten-screenCinemas Palme d’Or,claims that Cinemark uses its market muscle to pressure the galleries to deny the independent theater the flicks that moviegoers need to see. A week ago, theCalifornia Condition Court of Appeals refused a motion by Cinemark for any rehearing. The appeals court ruled recently to reinstate the suit after Condition Superior Court ignored it in 2008. Movie theaters Palme d’Or co-owner Steve Mason stated thecase has an opportunity to preserve independent theaters countrywide.Rather than getting a proportion of accessible film product, we've got without any significant film product. Practically nothing, aside from really small releases,” Mason stated. “Cinemark is big, cheap 91% of their theaters have been in non-competitive zones provides them real monopolized leverage. They've the energy to seal lower independent theaters wherever they conduct business. Flagship Theaters really wants to show thatCinemark partcipates in circuit dealing, by which the owner ofmultiple theaters uses its combined buying energy to bid for films instead of putting in a bid well for every of their theaters. Its suit claims Cinemark’s Century Theaters will get greater-quality films because of its Century 15 in the River theater, situated in Rancho Mirage under two miles from Palme DOr, at less cost due to its size.Top distribution professionals from major galleries are required to testify once the suit would go to trial in La Superior Court.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Pursuit' starring 50 Cent sets start date

Emmett/Furla Films and Cheetah Vision Films are running after ''The Pursuit,'' joining up to create the experience thriller starring Curtis ''50 Cent'' Jackson. Project was introduced Tuesday by Randall Emmett, who co-runs Cheetah Vision with Jackson and it is joined with George Furla in Emmett/Furla Films. Emmett, Furla and Jackson are creating. Shooting continues to be set to begin February. 15 in Louisiana. Jessy Terrero (''Soul Plane'') will direct included in a 3-picture pointing cope with the producers.''The Pursuit'' is going to be written by Lionsgate through Cheetah Vision's 10-picture output deal.Story focuses on a cop and criminal unintentionally joining as much as find an steered clear of bank thief as each one has their own personal vendetta from the guy -- while a determined US Marshall tracks the males to avoid them from killing the convict. Matt Manley (''Into nowhere,'' ''Torque'') authored the script.Emmett/Furla is presently in pre-production on ''Broken City'' starring Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe and ''Frozen Ground'' starring John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens. Both films will start shooting this fall. The organization is within publish production on ''Lay the favourite,'' ''Fire with Fire,'' ''Freelancers'' and ''End of Watch.'' Emmett/Furla introduced recently a $250 million film fund with Picture Entertainment to invest in a brand new slate of star-driven commercial movies.Image Entertainment acquired privileges recently to football drama ''All Things Break Apart,'' starring Jackson, Ray Liotta, Mario Van Peebles and Lynn Whitfield, with Van Peebles pointing. ''All Things Break Apart,'' created by Jackson and Emmett, is slated to have an early 2012 theatrical release. Contact Dork McNary at dork.mcnary@variety.com

Monday, October 3, 2011

Michael Jackson Wrongful dying Trial Gets into second Week

First Launched: October 3, 2011 9:11 AM EDT Credit: Getty Images Caption Dr. Conrad Murray Pleads Not Prone To Involuntary Wrongful dying La, Calif. -- The wrongful dying trial against Michael Jacksons physician begins its second week Monday with prosecutors evolving their study of the er physician who gave paramedics permission to pronounce the pop celebrity dead inside the mattress room of his home. Prosecutors are actually setting up their situation against Dr. Conrad Murray largely in chronological fashion, with witnesses throughout the initial week of trial recounting the entertainers final performances, his interactions with fans on his last day and frantic efforts to create back the King of Pop. Government physiques contend Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose in the anesthetic propofol together with other sedative drugs inside the entertainers mattress room this past year. Murrays lawyers are showing jurors by getting another theory that Jackson gave themselves the lethal dose when Murray left the region. The Houston-based cardiologist has pleaded not liable. Murray, 58, faces four years in jail and losing his medical license if billed. Prosecutors is constantly on the question er physician Richelle Cooper, who approved careful analysis pronounce Jackson dead within the leased mansion. Murray wanted resuscitation efforts to continue within the hospital. Cooper and also the other physician are needed to testify regarding interactions while using cardiologist. Cooper might be the twelfth witness prosecutors havecalled up to now inside the trial, that's prone to last 5 days. Jackson loomed large throughout opening claims and testimony the other day, with Deputy Da showing jurors an image from the lifeless Jackson around the gurney and playing clips of his final performances within the film Here You Go. Jurors also heard throughout opening claims a never-before-heard recording of Jackson, rambling and slurring his words, which Walgren mentioned was taken off Murrays cell phone. The doctors phone records certainly are a central part of the prosecution situation. Prosecutors intend to show records of Murrays phone calls and emails within the several hours before Jacksons dying showing the singer had alternative activities on his mind getting his $150,000 monthly deal for everybody as Jacksons personal physician approved, running his medical practices and fielding calls from mistresses. Throughout a preliminary hearing, prosecutors shown that Murray was involved with three phone calls inside the hour before he emerged from Jacksons mattress room and anxiously told a chef to locate help. Among Murrays former patients, Las vegas sales rep Robert Russell, detailed among people requires jurors the other day. Russell recognized Murray in testimony, crediting the doctor with saving his existence, but mentioned he'd grown distant after going to get results for Jackson. Russell mentioned he referred to as doctors office seeking solutions about his care on June 25, 2009 your entire day Jackson died. Murray returned this content at 11:49 a.m., roughly a quarter-hour before telling Jacksons chef to call security and asking to talk with Jacksons earliest boy, Prince. Eventually through the trial, prosecutors are needed to detail another phone calls and emails Murray fielded tomorrow, including anyone to his girlfriend that was apparently made at the rear of the ambulance to be able to a health care facility. The particular order of witnesses is unclear. The judge controlling the problem enforced a gag order the other day barring both sides or their spokespeople from speaking in regards to the situation outdoors of court. (Copyright 2011 by Connected Press) Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson: The World Tour: Theater Review

MONTREAL -- The Gloved One may be dead, but thanks to Cirque du Soleil, the late pop star's life remains a circus with Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour saluting the King of Pop Sunday night with a world premiere in Montreal.our editor recommendsMichael Jackson Judge Issues Gag Order After Attorney's 'Today' Show Appearance (Video)Michael Jacksons Security Guard Says Conrad Murray Had Him Remove Drug VialsJanet Jackson Will Not Perform at Michael Jackson Tribute ConcertMichael Jackson Tribute Concert Adds Black Eyed Peas to LineupMichael Jackson Tribute Concert's Organizers, Fans and Family in Dispute Jurors in Conrad Murray Trial Won't See Michael Jackson Tour Announcement, Judge Rules Here was another full on production from iconic concertdirector-choreographer Jamie King, a veteran concert tour director for Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion. But a concert being live performance, King's latest tour creation suffered without a star live performer to anchor the show and provide a focus. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Notable Deaths Sure, Jackson's digitally recorded voice, fronted by a live band and around 60 dancers and circus performers, drives the show. But Cirque du Soleil, for all its legendary inventiveness, can't match Michael Jackson, for all his iconic song-writing and dancing flamboyance, step for step, music performance for music performance. In the late pop star's place, King's stage setting offers afantastical realm, in keeping with Jackson's otherworldly persona. And the framing story is a plea for global love and peace embodied in a Giving Tree, one of the giant oak trees at the Neverland Ranch, and the apparent source of Jackson's song-writing creativity. Set designer Mark Fisher's 12-meter-high Giving Tree, which opens to the concert audience via the Neverland Ranch gates, eventually gives way to a fantasy-driven world of ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, draw bridges and toy trains. STORY: Michael Jackson's Mom Will Not Sell Family Estate, Court Hearing Reveals "Have you seen my childhood," the audience hears Jackson's digital voice intone, as we recall his best Peter Pan plea that all along, Jackson was just a kid at heart, trying to relive a childhood he never knew. We see on stage in The Immortal World Tour elephants, a giant hat big enough to hold two dancers, and a soft sculpture glove by which performers create varied hand positions. And we see a young Michael as an animatronics puppet during the "Ben" track float in a giant balloon into the arena, to the applause of the capacity Bell Arena audience in Montreal. It's all classic Cirque du Soleil, except, of course, for the absence of the late, great entertainer himself. STORY: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert to Stream Live on Facebook His absence is all the more glaring each time Jackson shows up on a giant LED screen or the stage-length scrim, via video of his old gigs like the 1987 Bad World Tour, or the pyrotechnics and illusions of the 1992 Dangerous World Tour. King makes the most of the absence. The red jacket, the sequins, the glittering glove and white sock/dance shoes are all represented with props. Dancers showcase the deceased singer's iconic steps, including the moonwalk and his famous leaning motion. Zombie dancers rise from the grave during the "Thriller" track, accompanied bypulsing synths and power choruses. And there's the predictable Cirque du Soleil touches: a mime and a monkey figure dance together during the "Blame It on the Boogie" scene and four performers swing high in the air on ropes during the "Human Nature" track. STORY: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert's Organizers, Fans and Family in Dispute But a circus mime, a contortionist, acrobats, and dancers and their sweat-breaking choreography can't replace the Real Deal. And make no mistake: Michael Jackson The Immortal Tour is not Jackson's life story. We see a familiar character arc that took Jackson from musical boy wonder as a fifth of the Jackson 5 to global pop genius. But a Cirque du Soleil production sanctioned by the Jackson family could well offend the pop star's detractors for dismissing much that held Jackson's fans and the paparazzi in thrall until his untimely death in 2009: the "sleeping with boys" allegations, Jackson in handcuffs and on trial, the pill popping, the bleached white skin, the spending sprees and the botched plastic surgery. King's quasi-metaphysical storyline of Jackson¹s music and songs,and his quest for global love and protecting the world¹s children, instead never strays from a fantastical, circus sensibility. But the magic of Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour is the King of Pop's detractors will be left shaking their heads over what all the circus that's come to town means, and Jackson's legions of fans will know exactly what their idol is saying, seemingly from beyond the grave. Michael Jackson

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