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Jessica Chastain, Howard Shoreline Among Honorees at Palm Springs Film Festival

Jessica Chastain and compower Howard Shoreline are actually put in the talent selection which will be honored within the 23rd Palm Springs Worldwide Film Festivals Honours Gala on Jan. 7 in the users hand Springs Convention Center.Chastain can get the Spotlight Award, recognizing her performances this year inside the Help, The Tree of Existence, Take Shelter, Your Financial Troubles and Coriolanus.Through numerous virtuoso performances, Jessica Chastain has generated herself one of the cinemas most versatile and several preferred youthful stars, festival chairman Harold Matzner mentioned.Shoreline will be provided the Ernest Loewe Music Award for his concentrate on Martin Scorseses Hugo. He formerly received the identical award in 2005s for creating the score for your Aviator. Howard Shoreline can be a master composer which has consistently delighted audiences in the greater than 80 films he's acquired, Matzner mentioned. In Hugo, the labyrinthine setting from the Paris railway station, where a youthful boy lives alone, doing what she must to live, as well as the discovery from the aging filmmaker gifted getting another chance give you the perfect inspiration for Shores haunting score.The festival itself will run from Jan. 5-16. The Hollywood Reporter

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rizzoli & Isles Boss on Season Finale: I Wanted to Leave Them at Odds

Rizzoli & Isles [WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from the Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 finale. Read at your own risk.]What could possibly drive BFFs Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles apart?We found out in the Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 finale after Jane (Angie Harmon) shoots Maura's estranged father/crime boss/No. 1 on the FBI's most wanted list, Paddy Doyle (John Doman), as he was trying to defend Maura (Sasha Alexander) from the culprit our titular crime-fighters were attempting to apprehend. Paddy takes a few hits before falling off a sky-high ledge. He's not dead yet, but he might as well be given Maura's uncharacteristically primal and ferocious order to Jane to back away from her dad, who had earlier told her about her biological mother and explained that he wanted to be a good father. Check out TV's sexiest crime-fightersIf that's not enough for one person to deal with, Paddy's shooting came days after Maura's adoptive mother, Constance (Jacqueline Bisset), was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident intended to harm Maura. "I wanted the finale to be big and complicated and gothic and overwhelming for Maura," executive producer Janet Tamaro tells "This intersects her family, her job and most importantly, her friendship with Jane, which is now at risk."Can Jane and Maura find their way back to BFF-dom again? What will happen to Paddy? Will Maura meet her biological mother? Tamaro answers our burning questions about the finale and what's in store for Season 3. First of all, I think everyone wants to know: Does Paddy die?Janet Tamaro: When I was doing my research about how high that catwalk was and how big a fall that was onto rock-hard concrete, let's just say it's touch and go. I love John Doman. He won't be coming back as a ghost. It wasn't a dream. I think there's more life to Paddy Doyle, but he could survive and then die. I [have decided] what I'm going to do.How did this ending come about?Tamaro: I decided midway through the season. It's not mandated by the network that you have to do a cliff-hanger, but as a writer, I like coming up with a good cliff-hanger. As a viewer, I hate it! [Laughs] I hate that final frame where you go, "What?! You're kidding me!" I knew I wanted to leave them at odds with each other and I knew I didn't want to do a repeat of Season 1 where there's some sort of deadly shooting cliff-hanger involving one of them. I wanted to leave the two women with some massively unresolved conflict and a conflict where you can see both sides. We've seen Maura and Jane have little tiffs, but never at odds like this. Tamaro: Right. That's when I think both actresses are best. Their chemistry is wonderful with the comedic moments and they both have a different level of intensity, but they're both really interesting when they're in conflict because of what they do and how they process their work. Hopefully, those last few seconds, where we're going off of Jane's face, where she's feeling something so palpable and so upsetting, it shows what I'm intending: In those horrific moments in life, you don't act in predictable ways.Check out the best shows of 2011How will this affect their relationship? Jane was doing her job, but will Maura see it that way? Can she forgive her?Tamaro: That's something we're going to explore as they find their way back. There won't be a whole lot of time passed. It's a big rift. No matter how Maura tries to look at it, all she can see is Jane pulling the trigger and her father falling. ... I'll kind of bust myself and say I wrote myself into a corner with that scene. Maura processes things in a logical manner and that was just pure emotion that I think we can all relate to. I don't know that we've seen that kind of fierce, raw emotion from Maura before.Are they going to be on speaking terms? They do have to work together.Tamaro: We will play with that for a while. The fun is seeing them together, obviously. As a writer, I can't just wrap that up quickly because it's a big moment in their lives and it's not something that's going to go away. They have to work together, but it won't be easy. I don't think their friendship is beyond repair, but it will take a bit to get back there, if they can. They're almost starting over in a way. A lot of people are curious about how they met and we may get into that.We just see how stunned and taken aback Jane is. Will she stand her ground and use "doing my job" as her defense or will she feel guilty?Tamaro: We're going to do something that's not expected. I think we all think we know what Jane Rizzoli will do, but it's more interesting if she doesn't. She even surprises herself with her response. I think she feels more shock and upset than guilt at what's implicit: the loss of that close friendship. Maura is almost filled with intense hatred when she looks at her. I have a 14-year-old, so I know exactly what that feels like! [Laughs] It's really awful! In the moment, her inability to process what's happening is alarming her.Maura goes through a whole range of emotions when it comes to Paddy, from anger and bitterness to care and concern. Do you think her reaction surprised her? Tamaro: Who could not feel some tenderness when he pulled out his wallet and showed her the photographs he took with long-lens cameras through her life? When he said, "I wanted to be the guy who could be this little girl's father, but all I could be was a thug," your heart breaks for him. Maura's did too. We're all a combination of good and bad, and no matter how logical it might seem to Maura to not feel anything for him, clearly in the moment he gets shot, she's feeling all kinds of uncomfortable things. I think she was a little surprised, but whether or not she's admitted it, there was genuine concern. Now she has to reconcile those feelings.What were the top moments of the year?It was a very Maura-heavy episode - both of her parents' lives were hanging in the balance - and she and Constance have grown closer this season. Will this be a springboard for more family-centric story lines for her?Tamaro: Yes, there are a jumble of family stories we're going to pursue. One of the things I like writing about is the family dynamic. Maura's family is very different from Jane's and we're going to find out a whole lot more about Maura's. I wanted this to propel her to learn more about them. Now [that we're going into Season 3] you can really get into background, and Maura's is so mysterious. She's going to learn a lot about herself.That must mean she'll look up her biological mother.Tamaro: Yes, I'm certainly curious about her. Aren't you? I think it's too tantalizing not to introduce her. And let's just say if dad dies, dad is the only one who knew who her mother was.Paddy mumbled "Hope" after he was shot. I take it that's her name?Tamaro: Yes! He did say "Hope." I'm getting pulled in a lot of different directions in my head [about how to write her]. That's a pretty interesting character. Whoever was involved with Paddy Doyle and had a baby at 18 and is as intellectually gifted as Maura - who is she? I have a pretty strong idea of who she is and where she's been. I'm looking forward to writing that episode and to be able to delve into all that.How will Constance figure in this? Will she and Hope meet?Tamaro: That's assuming they haven't met before! They may or may not have met before depending on what kind of adoption it was. It will be complicated for Constance too, as I think it is for any adoptive parent when their child connects with their biological parents. On top of that, she was just in this huge accident, in which she risked her life to save Maura, so that makes it even more difficult.We can't forget about Agent Dean (Billy Burke). I assume he'll be back given the part he's played in this.Tamaro: We've got a whole Dean betrayal story to play out. Jane confided in him as a boyfriend about Paddy being back and he said he wasn't going to do anything until she said it was OK, but he does. It's a gray area. The season opener will have massive repercussions from what happened in that warehouse for all of them, and not just emotional.Season 3 of Rizzoli & Isles will premiere next summer on TNT.

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Exclusive: Vampire Journals Casts Klaus' Original Brothers and sisters

Caspar Zafer, Nathaniel Buzolic Prepare to fulfill Klaus' other Original brothers and sisters round the Vampire Journals. British actor Caspar Zafer (La Femme Muskateer) and Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic (Unexpectedly) are actually attracted onto go through the recurring roles of Finn and Kol, correspondingly, has learned exclusively. Both brothers and sisters have a very bone to select with Klaus (Ernest Morgan), especially since they've been guaranteed in people coffins Klaus remains carting around for this type of very long time. The Vampire Journals Bite: Ernest Morgan wants a completely new foe We now have formerly met Klaus' step-father, Mikael (Sebastian Roche), who Klaus destroyed inside the midseason finale, and Klaus' sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt), who recently died consequently of Elena (Nina Dobrev). Meanwhile, the group's other brother, Elijah (Daniel Gillies, is incorporated in the coffins that Stefan (Paul Wesley) so cleverly stole from Klaus. Two other Original brothers and sisters died in the plague together with a werewolf attack centuries prior. The Vampire Journals returns Thursday, Jan. 5 at 8/7c round the CW. Zafer and Buzolic will first are available in Episode 13.

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CG tools help 'Rio' soar

Posted: Thu., Dec. 8, 2011, 4:00am PTBy 'Rio'With tropical birds -- and their colorful plumage -- front and center, "Rio" relied on getting the CG feathers just right, says director Carlos Saldanha. "Even though we'd done fur before, we had to do a lot of innovation and develop a lot of proprietary technology, such as a special tool called Voxel. Instead of just having one hair follicle, we had one that sprouts out to many, creating the impression of a feather, and then we multiplied it for the whole body (applying) a lot of controls to simulate the wind and elements."Complicating things further was the fact that all those feathers weren't just for the birds, but also for costumes in crowd scenes. "The Carnival parade has over 40,000 characters, so there was a lot of technical work to make sure it all rendered and looked right," Saldanha reports. "We put that in the middle of production so we didn't get hit with last-minute problems."As if that weren't challenging enough, Saldanha continues, "we also had to build this version of Rio, with all the people and cars and buildings, and then the surrounding forests and jungle. Rio has very distinctive mosaic sidewalks, and we built a software tool especially for that. It's a constant evolution of tools, some of which we built for the 'Ice Age' films. Blue Sky is probably the only studio that truly uses radio-city and ray tracing to give our films that unique look. Our next films, 'Ice Age 4' and 'Leafman,' have already benefited from the R&D we did on this." EYE ON THE OSCARS: ANIMATION Animated pics boost property valuesWhether working on a shoestring hand-drawn project or pushing the limits of computer-generated technology, this year's offerings overcame major challenges in bringing their animated visions to screen. Here's how:'Arthur Christmas' | 'Chico and Rita' | 'Gnomeo and Juliet' | 'Rango' | 'Wrinkles' | 'Rio' Contact the Variety newsroom at

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Universal Studios Confirms Harry Potter Park Heading to Hollywood

Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Katy Perry is at the center of $3 million legal showdown between celebrity photo agency Mavrix and CraveOnline Media, a company it accuses of pilfering copyrighted images of the singer and profiting off of them on its websites. It is the tenth such copyright infringement lawsuit that the company has filed in the past two years against defendants such as MSNBC's website (which was eventually dropped) and The Daily Mail of London. Mavrix accuses CraveOnline's Idontlikeyouinthatway website of reproducing, publicly distributing and publicly displaying "copyright protected photographs belonging to Mavrix on numerous occasions" without its permission, writes Courthouse News Service. PHOTOS: 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits Mavrix claims it commands as much as $100,000 for a celeb snapshot and that by illegally using their copyright-protected photos, CraveOnline and its subsidiaries, "have driven massive traffic to their website in part due to the presence of the sought after and searched-for celebrity images. "As such, content websites may effectively monetize the content on their websites by securing eyeballs on the sites which translates to ad revenue; this is in distinction to traditional pre-Internet print media who could only monetize content by selling it to end users." Mavrix seeks $3 million in damages for copyright infringement and an injunction to stop CraveOnline from using its photos in the future. In a similar case in Oct. 2010, Mavrix sued Fanpop, the operator of a network of online fan clubs, for posting 21 of its photographs showing a bikini-clad Perry on vacation in a bikini. That case was settled for an undisclosed amount. Litigious-happy Mavrix was also involved in a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling this past August which gave the go-ahead for these sorts of claims to be filed in California courts. The court found that because Mavrix's legal targets focused"on the California-centered celebrity and entertainment industries," it naturally had a connection with California and thus, the paparazzi shop got permission to bring lawsuits in the state. PHOTO GALLERY: View Gallery Crazy Cases! 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits Katy Perry

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Carla Gugino in "Hide"Shot in New Orleans by Stephanie Germain Prods. Executive producer, Germain producer, Christopher Morgan director, John Gray author, Jesse Brownell using the novel by Lisa Gardner.Detective D.D. Warren - Carla Gugino Det. Bobby Dodge - Kevin Alejandro Alex Wilson - Mark-Paul Gosselaar Annabelle - Bridget ReganTNT's "Mystery Movie Evening" is obviously a throwback for the times of old of TV movies, but perform projects really should be plucked from a period of time machine? Enter "Hide," a harsh, nasty and almost comically overheated potboiler, featuring Carla Gugino just like a Boston detective considering the mummified remains of six youthful women. It's a mystery, it's a workplace romantic triangular, it's two taste treats in one. While it's nice to find out made-fors developing a small-comeback, it won't last extended if they're as dunderheaded as that certain. The physiques are situated inside an abandoned mental hospital, and D.D. Warren (Gugino) and fellow detective Bobby Ridge (Kevin Alejandro) are quickly round the situation. Indeed, and they're also sleeping together, however with no commitment because, as D.D. describes, "I am for one another. Using this. In what I really do.Inch Getting not read Lisa Gardner's novel, let's assume author Jesse Brownell tried to become faithful for the tone, nevertheless it completely flummoxed her and director John Gray, who've concocted a movie filled with stilted dialogue and improbable twists and turns. Most of them concentrate on a mysterious lady named Annabelle (Bridget Regan) getting a vague past who becomes part of the situation, together with a possible target for your shadowy killer. D.D. also builds up a completely new investigator, Alex (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), who rapidly feels at liberty to psychoanalyze her relationship with Bobby when he isn't helping seek clues. If their banter ought to be sexy, the particular mystery is why she doesn't mace him the first time the bozo starts insinuating themselves into her mind. All of this evolves toward a breathless climax absurd even with the conventions in the thriller genre. It's almost worth watching returning a quarter-hour just for giggles. Although Gugino remains good in several things, it's tough to determine which she's trying to share using this role, playing a most most likely hard-bitten detective as if she's a kittenish Jessica Rabbit. However, that's probably over-thinking things, that's something nobody will accuse the filmmakers to complete. Many doubtless harbor fond recollections in the "Mystery Movie" wheel, and TNT -- having its choice of mostly meat-and-taters series -- warrants kudos for trying to bring back that nostalgic franchise for just about any new generation. Something such as "Hide," though, is not any approach to jump-start the genre -- unless of course obviously the goal is always to try hiding in plain sight.Camera, James Chressanthis production designer, Jaymes Hinkle editor, Neil Mandelberg music, Michael A. Levine casting, Cami Patton. 120 MIN.With: Jay Carnes Contact John Lowry at

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Charlize Theron versus. Jennifer Aniston as Evil Queens -- Who Wins?

Everyone's been buzzing concerning the two approaching 'Snow White' movies coming, 'Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman' and 'Mirror, Mirror,' thirstily discussing particulars like who'll get the best heroine (Billy Burke or Lily Collins!) or even the most dashing Prince Charming (Armie Hammer or Chris Hemsworth!) My personal favorite discussions, though, center around who'll take advantage enchantingly evil full: Jennifer Aniston or Charlize Theron. Both stars bring distinctive characteristics towards the table. Charlize performs exceptionally well at being completely terrifying, as evidenced by her role as murderer Aileen Wuornos in 'Monster.' Julia, however, is really a whole 'nother type of frightening: her cutting remarks and disdainful glares could reduce any youthful girl to tears within the blink of the eye. Story Book Villainess Hall of Fame Mirror, mirror, around the wall. Who's probably the most evil of all of them? Charlize Theron because the Full in 'Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman'Julia Roberts because the Full in 'Mirror, Mirror'Margaret Hamilton because the Wicked Witch from the West in 'The Wizard of Oz'Jean Marsh as Full Bavmorda in 'Willow'Anjelica Huston because the Evil Stepmother in 'Ever After'Jane Lynch because the Evil Stepmother in 'Another Cinderella Story'Tilda Swinton because the Whitened Witch in 'The Stories of Narnia'Helena Bonham Carter because the Red-colored Full in 'Alice in Wonderland' See All Moviefone Art galleries » My money's on Charlize in 'Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman.' In line with the "start lookingInch photos of each one of the queens, Charlize results in just as much more bad-ass. Her face states 'I'll cut you, bi**h. I'll kill you inside your sleep!' Julia's face in 'Mirror, Mirror,' however, skews more for the judge-y mother side. Rather than murderous ideas, she appears like she's thinking, 'Go ahead, fatty. Have another small cucumber sandwich using the crust stop. Mwhahahahaha! You disgust me.' Nevertheless, I believe both Julia and Charlize are fantastic options to experience evil queens -- they'll each make their very own distinctive marks within the evil story book villainess hall of fame. [Photo: Universal Pictures] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-399677.cke_show_edges #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-399677, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-399677