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Jessica Chastain, Howard Shoreline Among Honorees at Palm Springs Film Festival

Jessica Chastain and compower Howard Shoreline are actually put in the talent selection which will be honored within the 23rd Palm Springs Worldwide Film Festivals Honours Gala on Jan. 7 in the users hand Springs Convention Center.Chastain can get the Spotlight Award, recognizing her performances this year inside the Help, The Tree of Existence, Take Shelter, Your Financial Troubles and Coriolanus.Through numerous virtuoso performances, Jessica Chastain has generated herself one of the cinemas most versatile and several preferred youthful stars, festival chairman Harold Matzner mentioned.Shoreline will be provided the Ernest Loewe Music Award for his concentrate on Martin Scorseses Hugo. He formerly received the identical award in 2005s for creating the score for your Aviator. Howard Shoreline can be a master composer which has consistently delighted audiences in the greater than 80 films he's acquired, Matzner mentioned. In Hugo, the labyrinthine setting from the Paris railway station, where a youthful boy lives alone, doing what she must to live, as well as the discovery from the aging filmmaker gifted getting another chance give you the perfect inspiration for Shores haunting score.The festival itself will run from Jan. 5-16. The Hollywood Reporter

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rizzoli & Isles Boss on Season Finale: I Wanted to Leave Them at Odds

Rizzoli & Isles [WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from the Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 finale. Read at your own risk.]What could possibly drive BFFs Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles apart?We found out in the Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 finale after Jane (Angie Harmon) shoots Maura's estranged father/crime boss/No. 1 on the FBI's most wanted list, Paddy Doyle (John Doman), as he was trying to defend Maura (Sasha Alexander) from the culprit our titular crime-fighters were attempting to apprehend. Paddy takes a few hits before falling off a sky-high ledge. He's not dead yet, but he might as well be given Maura's uncharacteristically primal and ferocious order to Jane to back away from her dad, who had earlier told her about her biological mother and explained that he wanted to be a good father. Check out TV's sexiest crime-fightersIf that's not enough for one person to deal with, Paddy's shooting came days after Maura's adoptive mother, Constance (Jacqueline Bisset), was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident intended to harm Maura. "I wanted the finale to be big and complicated and gothic and overwhelming for Maura," executive producer Janet Tamaro tells "This intersects her family, her job and most importantly, her friendship with Jane, which is now at risk."Can Jane and Maura find their way back to BFF-dom again? What will happen to Paddy? Will Maura meet her biological mother? Tamaro answers our burning questions about the finale and what's in store for Season 3. First of all, I think everyone wants to know: Does Paddy die?Janet Tamaro: When I was doing my research about how high that catwalk was and how big a fall that was onto rock-hard concrete, let's just say it's touch and go. I love John Doman. He won't be coming back as a ghost. It wasn't a dream. I think there's more life to Paddy Doyle, but he could survive and then die. I [have decided] what I'm going to do.How did this ending come about?Tamaro: I decided midway through the season. It's not mandated by the network that you have to do a cliff-hanger, but as a writer, I like coming up with a good cliff-hanger. As a viewer, I hate it! [Laughs] I hate that final frame where you go, "What?! You're kidding me!" I knew I wanted to leave them at odds with each other and I knew I didn't want to do a repeat of Season 1 where there's some sort of deadly shooting cliff-hanger involving one of them. I wanted to leave the two women with some massively unresolved conflict and a conflict where you can see both sides. We've seen Maura and Jane have little tiffs, but never at odds like this. Tamaro: Right. That's when I think both actresses are best. Their chemistry is wonderful with the comedic moments and they both have a different level of intensity, but they're both really interesting when they're in conflict because of what they do and how they process their work. Hopefully, those last few seconds, where we're going off of Jane's face, where she's feeling something so palpable and so upsetting, it shows what I'm intending: In those horrific moments in life, you don't act in predictable ways.Check out the best shows of 2011How will this affect their relationship? Jane was doing her job, but will Maura see it that way? Can she forgive her?Tamaro: That's something we're going to explore as they find their way back. There won't be a whole lot of time passed. It's a big rift. No matter how Maura tries to look at it, all she can see is Jane pulling the trigger and her father falling. ... I'll kind of bust myself and say I wrote myself into a corner with that scene. Maura processes things in a logical manner and that was just pure emotion that I think we can all relate to. I don't know that we've seen that kind of fierce, raw emotion from Maura before.Are they going to be on speaking terms? They do have to work together.Tamaro: We will play with that for a while. The fun is seeing them together, obviously. As a writer, I can't just wrap that up quickly because it's a big moment in their lives and it's not something that's going to go away. They have to work together, but it won't be easy. I don't think their friendship is beyond repair, but it will take a bit to get back there, if they can. They're almost starting over in a way. A lot of people are curious about how they met and we may get into that.We just see how stunned and taken aback Jane is. Will she stand her ground and use "doing my job" as her defense or will she feel guilty?Tamaro: We're going to do something that's not expected. I think we all think we know what Jane Rizzoli will do, but it's more interesting if she doesn't. She even surprises herself with her response. I think she feels more shock and upset than guilt at what's implicit: the loss of that close friendship. Maura is almost filled with intense hatred when she looks at her. I have a 14-year-old, so I know exactly what that feels like! [Laughs] It's really awful! In the moment, her inability to process what's happening is alarming her.Maura goes through a whole range of emotions when it comes to Paddy, from anger and bitterness to care and concern. Do you think her reaction surprised her? Tamaro: Who could not feel some tenderness when he pulled out his wallet and showed her the photographs he took with long-lens cameras through her life? When he said, "I wanted to be the guy who could be this little girl's father, but all I could be was a thug," your heart breaks for him. Maura's did too. We're all a combination of good and bad, and no matter how logical it might seem to Maura to not feel anything for him, clearly in the moment he gets shot, she's feeling all kinds of uncomfortable things. I think she was a little surprised, but whether or not she's admitted it, there was genuine concern. Now she has to reconcile those feelings.What were the top moments of the year?It was a very Maura-heavy episode - both of her parents' lives were hanging in the balance - and she and Constance have grown closer this season. Will this be a springboard for more family-centric story lines for her?Tamaro: Yes, there are a jumble of family stories we're going to pursue. One of the things I like writing about is the family dynamic. Maura's family is very different from Jane's and we're going to find out a whole lot more about Maura's. I wanted this to propel her to learn more about them. Now [that we're going into Season 3] you can really get into background, and Maura's is so mysterious. She's going to learn a lot about herself.That must mean she'll look up her biological mother.Tamaro: Yes, I'm certainly curious about her. Aren't you? I think it's too tantalizing not to introduce her. And let's just say if dad dies, dad is the only one who knew who her mother was.Paddy mumbled "Hope" after he was shot. I take it that's her name?Tamaro: Yes! He did say "Hope." I'm getting pulled in a lot of different directions in my head [about how to write her]. That's a pretty interesting character. Whoever was involved with Paddy Doyle and had a baby at 18 and is as intellectually gifted as Maura - who is she? I have a pretty strong idea of who she is and where she's been. I'm looking forward to writing that episode and to be able to delve into all that.How will Constance figure in this? Will she and Hope meet?Tamaro: That's assuming they haven't met before! They may or may not have met before depending on what kind of adoption it was. It will be complicated for Constance too, as I think it is for any adoptive parent when their child connects with their biological parents. On top of that, she was just in this huge accident, in which she risked her life to save Maura, so that makes it even more difficult.We can't forget about Agent Dean (Billy Burke). I assume he'll be back given the part he's played in this.Tamaro: We've got a whole Dean betrayal story to play out. Jane confided in him as a boyfriend about Paddy being back and he said he wasn't going to do anything until she said it was OK, but he does. It's a gray area. The season opener will have massive repercussions from what happened in that warehouse for all of them, and not just emotional.Season 3 of Rizzoli & Isles will premiere next summer on TNT.

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Exclusive: Vampire Journals Casts Klaus' Original Brothers and sisters

Caspar Zafer, Nathaniel Buzolic Prepare to fulfill Klaus' other Original brothers and sisters round the Vampire Journals. British actor Caspar Zafer (La Femme Muskateer) and Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic (Unexpectedly) are actually attracted onto go through the recurring roles of Finn and Kol, correspondingly, has learned exclusively. Both brothers and sisters have a very bone to select with Klaus (Ernest Morgan), especially since they've been guaranteed in people coffins Klaus remains carting around for this type of very long time. The Vampire Journals Bite: Ernest Morgan wants a completely new foe We now have formerly met Klaus' step-father, Mikael (Sebastian Roche), who Klaus destroyed inside the midseason finale, and Klaus' sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt), who recently died consequently of Elena (Nina Dobrev). Meanwhile, the group's other brother, Elijah (Daniel Gillies, is incorporated in the coffins that Stefan (Paul Wesley) so cleverly stole from Klaus. Two other Original brothers and sisters died in the plague together with a werewolf attack centuries prior. The Vampire Journals returns Thursday, Jan. 5 at 8/7c round the CW. Zafer and Buzolic will first are available in Episode 13.

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CG tools help 'Rio' soar

Posted: Thu., Dec. 8, 2011, 4:00am PTBy 'Rio'With tropical birds -- and their colorful plumage -- front and center, "Rio" relied on getting the CG feathers just right, says director Carlos Saldanha. "Even though we'd done fur before, we had to do a lot of innovation and develop a lot of proprietary technology, such as a special tool called Voxel. Instead of just having one hair follicle, we had one that sprouts out to many, creating the impression of a feather, and then we multiplied it for the whole body (applying) a lot of controls to simulate the wind and elements."Complicating things further was the fact that all those feathers weren't just for the birds, but also for costumes in crowd scenes. "The Carnival parade has over 40,000 characters, so there was a lot of technical work to make sure it all rendered and looked right," Saldanha reports. "We put that in the middle of production so we didn't get hit with last-minute problems."As if that weren't challenging enough, Saldanha continues, "we also had to build this version of Rio, with all the people and cars and buildings, and then the surrounding forests and jungle. Rio has very distinctive mosaic sidewalks, and we built a software tool especially for that. It's a constant evolution of tools, some of which we built for the 'Ice Age' films. Blue Sky is probably the only studio that truly uses radio-city and ray tracing to give our films that unique look. Our next films, 'Ice Age 4' and 'Leafman,' have already benefited from the R&D we did on this." EYE ON THE OSCARS: ANIMATION Animated pics boost property valuesWhether working on a shoestring hand-drawn project or pushing the limits of computer-generated technology, this year's offerings overcame major challenges in bringing their animated visions to screen. Here's how:'Arthur Christmas' | 'Chico and Rita' | 'Gnomeo and Juliet' | 'Rango' | 'Wrinkles' | 'Rio' Contact the Variety newsroom at

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Universal Studios Confirms Harry Potter Park Heading to Hollywood

Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Katy Perry is at the center of $3 million legal showdown between celebrity photo agency Mavrix and CraveOnline Media, a company it accuses of pilfering copyrighted images of the singer and profiting off of them on its websites. It is the tenth such copyright infringement lawsuit that the company has filed in the past two years against defendants such as MSNBC's website (which was eventually dropped) and The Daily Mail of London. Mavrix accuses CraveOnline's Idontlikeyouinthatway website of reproducing, publicly distributing and publicly displaying "copyright protected photographs belonging to Mavrix on numerous occasions" without its permission, writes Courthouse News Service. PHOTOS: 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits Mavrix claims it commands as much as $100,000 for a celeb snapshot and that by illegally using their copyright-protected photos, CraveOnline and its subsidiaries, "have driven massive traffic to their website in part due to the presence of the sought after and searched-for celebrity images. "As such, content websites may effectively monetize the content on their websites by securing eyeballs on the sites which translates to ad revenue; this is in distinction to traditional pre-Internet print media who could only monetize content by selling it to end users." Mavrix seeks $3 million in damages for copyright infringement and an injunction to stop CraveOnline from using its photos in the future. In a similar case in Oct. 2010, Mavrix sued Fanpop, the operator of a network of online fan clubs, for posting 21 of its photographs showing a bikini-clad Perry on vacation in a bikini. That case was settled for an undisclosed amount. Litigious-happy Mavrix was also involved in a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling this past August which gave the go-ahead for these sorts of claims to be filed in California courts. The court found that because Mavrix's legal targets focused"on the California-centered celebrity and entertainment industries," it naturally had a connection with California and thus, the paparazzi shop got permission to bring lawsuits in the state. PHOTO GALLERY: View Gallery Crazy Cases! 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits Katy Perry

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Carla Gugino in "Hide"Shot in New Orleans by Stephanie Germain Prods. Executive producer, Germain producer, Christopher Morgan director, John Gray author, Jesse Brownell using the novel by Lisa Gardner.Detective D.D. Warren - Carla Gugino Det. Bobby Dodge - Kevin Alejandro Alex Wilson - Mark-Paul Gosselaar Annabelle - Bridget ReganTNT's "Mystery Movie Evening" is obviously a throwback for the times of old of TV movies, but perform projects really should be plucked from a period of time machine? Enter "Hide," a harsh, nasty and almost comically overheated potboiler, featuring Carla Gugino just like a Boston detective considering the mummified remains of six youthful women. It's a mystery, it's a workplace romantic triangular, it's two taste treats in one. While it's nice to find out made-fors developing a small-comeback, it won't last extended if they're as dunderheaded as that certain. The physiques are situated inside an abandoned mental hospital, and D.D. Warren (Gugino) and fellow detective Bobby Ridge (Kevin Alejandro) are quickly round the situation. Indeed, and they're also sleeping together, however with no commitment because, as D.D. describes, "I am for one another. Using this. In what I really do.Inch Getting not read Lisa Gardner's novel, let's assume author Jesse Brownell tried to become faithful for the tone, nevertheless it completely flummoxed her and director John Gray, who've concocted a movie filled with stilted dialogue and improbable twists and turns. Most of them concentrate on a mysterious lady named Annabelle (Bridget Regan) getting a vague past who becomes part of the situation, together with a possible target for your shadowy killer. D.D. also builds up a completely new investigator, Alex (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), who rapidly feels at liberty to psychoanalyze her relationship with Bobby when he isn't helping seek clues. If their banter ought to be sexy, the particular mystery is why she doesn't mace him the first time the bozo starts insinuating themselves into her mind. All of this evolves toward a breathless climax absurd even with the conventions in the thriller genre. It's almost worth watching returning a quarter-hour just for giggles. Although Gugino remains good in several things, it's tough to determine which she's trying to share using this role, playing a most most likely hard-bitten detective as if she's a kittenish Jessica Rabbit. However, that's probably over-thinking things, that's something nobody will accuse the filmmakers to complete. Many doubtless harbor fond recollections in the "Mystery Movie" wheel, and TNT -- having its choice of mostly meat-and-taters series -- warrants kudos for trying to bring back that nostalgic franchise for just about any new generation. Something such as "Hide," though, is not any approach to jump-start the genre -- unless of course obviously the goal is always to try hiding in plain sight.Camera, James Chressanthis production designer, Jaymes Hinkle editor, Neil Mandelberg music, Michael A. Levine casting, Cami Patton. 120 MIN.With: Jay Carnes Contact John Lowry at

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Charlize Theron versus. Jennifer Aniston as Evil Queens -- Who Wins?

Everyone's been buzzing concerning the two approaching 'Snow White' movies coming, 'Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman' and 'Mirror, Mirror,' thirstily discussing particulars like who'll get the best heroine (Billy Burke or Lily Collins!) or even the most dashing Prince Charming (Armie Hammer or Chris Hemsworth!) My personal favorite discussions, though, center around who'll take advantage enchantingly evil full: Jennifer Aniston or Charlize Theron. Both stars bring distinctive characteristics towards the table. Charlize performs exceptionally well at being completely terrifying, as evidenced by her role as murderer Aileen Wuornos in 'Monster.' Julia, however, is really a whole 'nother type of frightening: her cutting remarks and disdainful glares could reduce any youthful girl to tears within the blink of the eye. Story Book Villainess Hall of Fame Mirror, mirror, around the wall. Who's probably the most evil of all of them? Charlize Theron because the Full in 'Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman'Julia Roberts because the Full in 'Mirror, Mirror'Margaret Hamilton because the Wicked Witch from the West in 'The Wizard of Oz'Jean Marsh as Full Bavmorda in 'Willow'Anjelica Huston because the Evil Stepmother in 'Ever After'Jane Lynch because the Evil Stepmother in 'Another Cinderella Story'Tilda Swinton because the Whitened Witch in 'The Stories of Narnia'Helena Bonham Carter because the Red-colored Full in 'Alice in Wonderland' See All Moviefone Art galleries » My money's on Charlize in 'Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman.' In line with the "start lookingInch photos of each one of the queens, Charlize results in just as much more bad-ass. Her face states 'I'll cut you, bi**h. I'll kill you inside your sleep!' Julia's face in 'Mirror, Mirror,' however, skews more for the judge-y mother side. Rather than murderous ideas, she appears like she's thinking, 'Go ahead, fatty. Have another small cucumber sandwich using the crust stop. Mwhahahahaha! You disgust me.' Nevertheless, I believe both Julia and Charlize are fantastic options to experience evil queens -- they'll each make their very own distinctive marks within the evil story book villainess hall of fame. [Photo: Universal Pictures] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-399677.cke_show_edges #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-399677, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-399677

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iPhone 4 Explodes on Australian Flight

After ignoring the midnight eviction deadline issued by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for Occupy protestors to vacate their City Hall campground Monday, Occupy protesters are seeking a federal court injunction to block their removal.our editor recommendsMiley Cyrus Supports Occupy Movement With 'Liberty Walk' Clip (Video)Police Arrest 4 Occupy L.A. Protesters After Midnight Evacuation Deadline IgnoredOccupy Los Angeles Protesters Given 48 Hours to Leave City Hall Camp (Video)Fox News Anchor Calls Pepper Spray 'A Food Product' After Occupy Altercation (Video)Jon Stewart Explores Occupy Wall Street Class Warfare on 'The Daily Show' (Video)Related Topics•Occupy Wall Street PHOTOS: The Scene at Occupy Los Angeles The complaint, which was filed Monday and posted on the Los Angeles Times website, states that protesters are asking the court to address "an unconstitutional deprivation of access to a traditional public forum, the south lawn of City Hall, for First Amendment activity." The document says that enforcement of the city's "anti-camping" measure is left up to the "whim of the police" as sole determinants. PHOTOS: 'Occupy Wall Street Hollywood': Entertainers On Scene of Protests "Even on Skid Row, just blocks from City Hall and around the corner from the Central LAPD station, each year families camp on the sidewalk for days to get free school supplies distributed by the Fred Jordan Mission," say the protesters. "Each of these 'camping' events is highly publicized in the media, takes place in highly-trafficked areas and could not possibly be an unnoticed and unintentional exception to enforcement of the municipal code." STORY: Occupy Wall Street to Release Benefit Album The documents also cite the recent Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 premiere as an example of non-inforced camping, saying "This month, more than 1,000 people camped out to glimpse the stars at the premiere of the most recent Twilight film, forcing the closure of Chick Hearn Drive." Four people were arrested in L.A. early Monday morning for failure to disperse after the mayor's 12:01 a.m. deadline passed. Occupy protesters have been camped on the site for nearly two months. PHOTO GALLERY: View Gallery The Scene at Occupy Wall Street Related Topics Antonio Villaraigosa

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FIRST BOX OFFICE: Breaking Beginning #1 Again, The Muppets #2, Happy Foot #3, Arthur Christmas #4, Hugo #5

WEDNESDAY 4 PM: My sources are giving me these early estimations for today’s movie openings as well as the 5-day Christmas. Already it’s searching just like a couple of from the new family fare won’t speed in the theatrical gate, departing a apparent path for Summit Entertainment’sholdover Twilight Saga Breaking Beginning Part 1 to win the weekend derby. Hollywood might have conniptions once the U . s . States box office slump keeps ongoing. Meanwhile, The Weinstein Co is platforming its Oscar-buzzed My Week With Marilyn today in 123 theaters as well as the Artist in 4 locations tomorrow. Refined amounts and full analysis later: 1. Twilight Saga’s Breaking Beginning Part 1 (Summit) Week 2 [4,066 Theaters] Wednesday $13M, Thought 5-Day Holiday $60M 2. The Muppets (Disney) NEW [3,440 Theaters] Wednesday $7.2M, Thought 5-Day Holiday $45M 3. Happy Foot Two (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,606 Theaters] Wednesday $3M, Thought 5-Day Holiday $18M 4. Arthur Christmas (The brand new the new sony Pictures) NEW [3,376 Theaters] Wednesday $3M, Estimated5-Day Holiday $17.5M 5. Hugo (Vital) NEW [1,277 Theaters] Wednesday $1.6M, Thought 5-Day Holiday $10.5M

'Muppets' Film author Nick Stoller Weighs in at in at In On Oscar Odds

Sure, we're really excited that Billy Very is becoming hosting the Oscars and blah blah blah but, let's be realistic, how awesome would it not are actually when "Muppets for Oscars" campaign had really panned out? Inside the day or two between when Eddie Murphy left as host and incredibly needed over, there's a brief glimmer of hope the Academy of motion Picture Arts and Sciences would choose to have "The Muppets" host rather. The film is shaping around be one of the finest-rated movies of year, and contains enough public press this area office might soon reflect that, so (inside our humble opinion) it may have been a perfect match-up. "The Muppets" film author Nick Stoller agreed in the recent interview with MTV News. "That was a really exciting 72 hrs,Inch he mentioned. "It might have been so excellent!In . To him, there's only one major flaw inside the plan: arm strength. Puppeteers like Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson and Dork Goelz have handled Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy, and Gonzo correspondingly for dating back we could remember, it is therefore nothing beats you will see a rotating cast of puppeteers working the show. Stoller mentioned he just didn't think they'd be capable of handle yanking the strings for just about any three-to-four hour honours ceremony. "I literally think it comes down lower lower to [arm strength]," Stoller mentioned. "To offer the arm strength to own people Muppets up for 3, four several hours, I am unsure really be it possible unless of course obviously you're a little major steroid drugs, which for those who have seen a couple of from the puppeteers, they aren't.Inch That being mentioned, Stoller still hopes the Muppets play in the ceremony for some reason. And, inside our opinion, by doing this may be winning an Oscar themselves. Stoller mentioned he's in "the comedy ghetto" so he's not really started thinking about honours season, however when the film would win one Oscar, he thinks it must be for Bret McKenzie's music. "Bret McKenzie's needs to be nominated for 'Man or Muppet.' He should win for 'Man or Muppet.' All the tunes are great, but that song particularly is just amazing," Stoller mentioned. Would you like to start to see the Muppets participate in the Oscar ceremony? Reveal inside the comments section below or on Twitter!

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Honey Pupu (Xiaoshi dakan)

A Good Day Films (in Taiwan) release of a Red Society Films presentation. (International sales: Good Films Workshop, Taipei.) Produced by Yeh Jufeng, Terrisa Chen, Wei Yingchuan. Directed by Chen Hung-I. Screenplay, Chen, Monica & Shabelle, Lin Fujing.With: Tseng Peiyu, Chiu Shengyi, Lin Chenshi, Lin Posheng, Hsieh Hsinying, Bridget R. Dennison, Denver T. Dennison, Lee Tachi. (Mandarin, English dialogue)A deliriously wild mix of Web-based youth culture, fantasia and memory, Chen Hung-I's dreamy "Honey Pupu" is the work of a strong voice uninterested in conventional narrative rules. The basic premise of a radio DJ dealing with her missing b.f. spins off a curious galaxy of characters and side stories, resulting in one of the few recent films that grasps the Internet as a way of viewing the world. Deserving of even wider fest play than it's received so far, the pic has cult potential among seekers of exotic contempo creations. Vicky (Tseng Peiyu) is at a loss to figure out how her b.f., Dog (Lee Tachi), has seemingly vanished, with few, if any, clues as to his whereabouts. Her memories of recently sharing New Year's with him stirs her to consider that what's coming is "the year without him." One of Dog's favorite websites,, may offer some help. Run by a trio of emotionally volatile young people going by the nicknames of Cola (Chiu Shengyi), Money (Lin Chenshi) and Assassin (Lin Posheng), the site is festooned with messages like "Believe in the parallel world," positing alternate dimensions where many people who have disappeared may actually be living. Whereas a more standard treatment of these elements would likely have resulted in a variation of now-familiar themes in the romantic science-fiction subgenre, Chen's approach suggests a Wong Kar Wai film made by a younger, more new-media-influenced talent. Alternately fluid and jarring, consistently keeping viewers uncertain as to what they're viewing and even where they are, the film plays on the paradox of young people obsessed with virtual and invisible worlds, but always yanked back into this less-satisfying one. For all their supposed visions, Cola, Assassin and Money are progressively bogged down by a love triangle that grows uglier as Cola helps Vicky. As befits his name, Assassin is prone to borderline-violent reactions and doesn't take too kindly to Cola's moves on Money, the least perturbed of the three and the one most willing to live in the moment. Chen's constant shifts in character focus are just enough to make "Honey Pupu" a rather woozy experience, but not so much that it loses its central axis. As a result, the film's final resolutions are satisfyingly of a piece with Vicky's attempts to understand herself better, even through a maze of barely comprehensible poetry, Web doodlings and wanderings through a slightly futuristic-looking Taipei. Key to the film's achievement is Fisher Yu's fantastic widescreen cinematography, which could be a calling card for bigger projects. The rainbow-like imagery, tonal shifts and frequent changes in location and mood perfectly fit the film's overall conception, as does Kang Chunwei's production design. Keeping it all in place are editors Chen, Liu Yuaxing and co-writer Lin Fujing. Wu-wu Chang's resonant score includes a surprising number of music cues, from Beethoven to Berlioz.Camera (color/B&W, widescreen, HD), Fisher Yu; editors, Chen, Liu Yuaxing, Lin; music, Wu-wu Chang; production designer, Kang Chunwei; costume designers, Luke Huang, Liu Chiayu; sound (Dolby Digital), Yang Chienan; sound designer, Tu Duuchih; re-recording mixer, Tu; visual effects supervisor, Lien Chunchien; visual effects, Dotodot Design Studio; assistant director, Hah Chiachon; casting, Wu Chenchen, Hsieh Peifen. Reviewed on DVD, Los Angeles, Nov. 1, 2011. (In Vancouver, Hong Kong, PiFan film festivals.) Running time: 103 MIN. Contact the Variety newsroom at

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American Music Awards: Lance Bass, Sarah Hyland Sound Off on Red Carpet Pre-Show (Video)

As the music industry gears up for the American Music Awards on Sunday, a select group of entertainers are preparing to take their spot on the "other side" of the red carpet.our editor recommends2011 American Music Awards: Daughtry to Perform, Avril Lavigne to Present Nicki Minaj, David Guetta to Open American Music AwardsChris Brown, Marc Anthony, LMFAO Added to American Music Awards Lineup Adam Lambert Returns to 2011 AMAs as Presenter; Producer Says He 'Was Never Banned' PHOTOS: AMA Hot Performances Lance Bass, Sarah Hyland, Audrina Patridge, Michael Buckley, Estelle, Josh Sussman and Mario have been tapped to host the Coca-Cola Red Carpet Live pre-show, streaming live at 5 pm ET/2 pm PT. The group will be on the scene at L.A.'s Nokia Theater, relaying fan questions to their favorite artists, talking pre-show jitters and who's wearing what as the artists arrive. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Bass and Hyland earlier this year at the nominations announcement, where they talked preparations for the live broadcast. "I got to do it last year, which is a lot of fun, so I guess I didn't screw it up too much so they asked me back," Bass laughed. "I just try to wing things. I don't try to prepare too much because if you prepare, it doesn't look natural." VIDEO: Adele Leads With 4 Nominations for the 2011 American Music Awards The Modern Family actress has expressed a vocal dislike of red carpets in the past, but is looking forward to asking the questions this time around -- instead of answering them. "It's me talking about myself nonstop and posing for pictures, it's hard to take myself seriously like that," Hyland said. "I think it will be more fun on the other side than it actually is on the side that I'm usually on. You get to stand in one place the whole time, you don't have to walk around back and forth." As for who should take home some hardware -- Bass is pulling for fan favorite Adele, while Hyland has thrown her support behind Young Money's Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. The American Music Awards air live on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday, Nov. 21, with the pre-show lead in streaming via YouTube. Related Topics American Music Awards

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John Malone Ends Liberty Starz Tracking Stock And Ups Share Repurchases

This will give Liberty Media Chairman John Malone and other executives a lot to talk about later this morning at the company’s annual dog-and-pony show for investors.The decision toconvert Liberty Starz and Liberty Capital from tracking stocks into a single asset-based stockshould diminish the growingsense that Malonewas fattening up Starz for a big deal — possibly a sale.The channel has been investing heavily in original programming, and Liberty Starz just unveiled a $1.5B credit facility.Janney Capital Markets analyst Tony Wible says that the Street “likely will be mixed in how it interprets the news” of the change in Liberty Starz’ status. Meanwhile, Liberty’s $1.25B stock repurchase “should help ease (investors’) concern.” And hope springs eternal:Miller Tabak analyst David Joyce says that “in time we would expect M&A activity with these assets to pick up again.” Here’s the company’s release: ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Liberty Media Corporation (Nasdaq: LCAPA, LCAPB, LSTZA, LSTZB) (Liberty) today announced that its board of directors has unanimously voted to eliminate Libertys tracking stock structure by converting each share of its Liberty Starz common stock into 0.88129 of a share of the corresponding series of Liberty Capital common stock, effective at 5:00 p.m., NY City time, on November 28, 2011 (the Conversion Date). Cash will be paid in lieu of fractional shares. We are pleased to announce the combination of Liberty Starz and Liberty Capital into an asset-backed security, said Greg Maffei, Liberty President and CEO. The board of directors determined this was the right move to increase the value for both Liberty Capital and Liberty Starz shareholders by eliminating the tracker discount, increasing liquidity in the stock and creating a stronger acquisition currency. In addition, we recently took advantage of the attractive debt markets to raise capital at Starz, and we have more opportunities to deploy it at a combined Liberty Media. The conversion of shares of Liberty Starz common stock will be effected pursuant to Article IV, Section A.2(b)(ii) of Libertys restated charter and will result in the conversion of all of the outstanding shares of Liberty Starz common stock on the Conversion Date unless, pursuant to the restated charter, the board determines to terminate the Conversion prior to the Conversion Date. The conversion does not require any action by Libertys shareholders and will have no impact on the businesses, assets and liabilities of Liberty. Following the conversion, Liberty will have two series of common stock, which will trade under the Nasdaq symbols LMCA and LMCB. Libertys board also determined to increase the repurchase authorization for Liberty Capital common stock to $1.25 billion following the conversion. Holders of certificated shares of Liberty Starz common stock will receive a letter of transmittal from Computershare Trust Company, N.A., with instructions on how to surrender their certificates formerly representing shares of Liberty Starz common stock for certificates representing shares of the corresponding series of Liberty Capital common stock. Certificated holders must surrender their stock certificates, together with a completed and duly executed letter of transmittal (and any other documentation required thereby), to Computershare, Corporate Actions, P.O. Box 43014, Providence, RI 02940-3014, in order to receive certificates representing their Liberty Capital common stock shares. With respect to holders of Liberty Starz common stock held in book-entry form, their accounts will be debited for all of their shares of Liberty Starz common stock and immediately credited with the applicable number and series of shares of Liberty Capital common stock on the Conversion Date.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sutro's: The Structure at Lands Finish

A November Fire Tracks and Garfield Lane production. Created by Strephon Taylor, Tom Wyrsch. Directed, compiled by Tom Wyrsch.With: James R. Cruz, John Martini, Barbara Manley, Steve Brown, Jim Dickson, Ernie Fosselius, Richard Tuck, Serta Zelinsky, Mike Singer, Marilyn Blaisdell, Serta Fontes.Remembering the once-imposing Bay Area attraction that offered myriad entertainment options in the fin p secle until its demise within the sixties, "Sutro's: The Structure at Lands Finish" plays as an extra-lengthy version from the custom-made historic videos that play every half-hour in local museums. As the docu is not likely to draw in much interest outdoors the San Francisco Bay Area, it figures to get ready easily in the city's Balboa Theater, where Tom Wyrsch's previous featurette, "Playland," about another defunct S.F. attraction, performed several weeks to nostalgic natives. Now just some ruins on the high cliff close to the entrance towards the Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro's (better appreciated as Sutro Baths) used to be the splendid last word in fun emporiums. After making within the High cliff House, which in fact had started to attract a tough crowd, Prussian-born engineer and entrepreneur Adolph Sutro set his ambitious sights on adjacent land looking over the sea. There he commenced building the earth's biggest assortment of bathing facilities, which held nearly two million gallons water (pumped in in the ocean, one freshwater tank aside) and were based on 517 private dressing rooms. The 1896 grand opening was postponed until Southern Off-shore gave directly into then-mayor Sutro's demand it provide direct streetcar service. Twenty-five cents got explore only entree towards the seven pools, but a towel and swimsuit too. Olympic-style competitions were regularly held, experts sitting in balconies that may hold 1000's. Swimming was hardly the only real diversion on tap, however. Among further activity that setup shop within the huge complex were a wax-tableau Last Supper, a speaking-bird show, an ice rink, kitschy museums along with a "Musee Mechanique," whose making it through player-piano-type devices supply the docu's score. Spectacular and common as it had been, the operating costs were a money pit for Sutro, who died in 1897. Its operation was absorbed by his daughter Emma, who began to shutter then sell off areas of the superstructure. Because it progressively fell from fashion despite refurbishments (particularly one carried out to contend with the 1939-40 World's Fair on Treasure Island), some time and neglect required their toll. Remarkably, there appears to become relatively little vintage film footage extant. We all do get clips from Don Siegel noir "The Selection," one amongst couple of commercial features that used the colorful structure like a setting, and 1971 cult fave "Harold and Maude," which used its subsequent ruins. However, you will find an abundance of archival photos, many saved in the rubbish with a former gift-shop worker. This mixture of speaking-mind recollections and visual evidence, split into sections, is unimaginative and bare-bones, with stilted utilization of an periodic narrator. But exactly what the docu lacks in polish, it'll without doubt constitute in nostalgia value because of its audience.Camera (color, HD), Strephon Taylor editor, Taylor seem, Taylor. Examined on DVD, Bay Area, November. 5, 2011. Running time: 84 MIN. Narrator: Ray Taliaferro. Contact the range newsroom at

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Immortals #1 With So-So $32M Domestic But $36M Foreign, Jack And Jill $26M

SUNDAYAM,3RDUPDATE: Latest Top10 grosses showbetter North American box office than previously thought thanks to the Veterans Day holiday weekendwhen school is out in 60% of the country. The good news isa break from slumping attendance with a $137M total moviegoing weekend, up+18% from last year.But the bad news is that these movies are still way underperforming what they should have done on a holiday weekend. That’s because these major studio pics were definitely not crowd-pleasers. Just check out their Rotten Tomatoes scores. But the real question is why Hollywood released two young male-skewing movies the weekend right after two major video games were released. Anecdotal evidence is that the guys were otherwise engaged. Full analysis coming: 1. Immortals 3D (Relativity) NEW [3,112 Theaters] Friday $14M, Saturday $10M, Weekend $32M Richard Branson didn’t waste any time blogging to his peeps today: “Congratulations to Jason and the whole team at Virgin Produced for Immortals, their follow up film to Limitless, going straight to number one at the box office this weekend. Jammy bastards!!” He’s as good at spinning underwhelming box office as Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh. Truth is Immortals started out slow: it did an unexciting $1.4M in Thursday midnight gross from approximately 900 locations then expanded runs and grossesfor Friday but lost -30%Saturday.Pic eked out a $30+M weekend bow, which is a rarity these days. But you also must realize that Immortals is a 300-clone yet didn’t make even45% of the $70.8M opening amount that the original 2D movie did. Even with the higher 3D ticket prices. Immortals should have made $50+M, folks, given the genre and promotion. “300 was absolutely a big success, but we are in a different economy, marketplace, and time of year,” a Relativity exec told me Friday night. “Young males have been hard to get over the past year. Its a significant accomplishment that we got them. We are well positioned to be the 3rd highest R-rated film this year and the highest R-rated action film this year. This is a win for us.” Needless to say, Relativity is known for its bluster. But it also claims reduced risk from foreign pre-sales on the supposedly $75M-budgeted film.Then explain to me why, for 2 years, Relativity was telling everybody and their mother that the budget ofImmortals was $120M. (Don’t believe me? Go back and do a Google search). It sold the filminternationally to foreign buyers with a budget of $120M.Now, all of asudden, the budget is $75 million because of what Relativity says are tax rebates for shooting and doing post productionin Montreal? Puh-leeze. Audiences gave Immortals a ‘B’ CinemaScore but Rotten Tomatoesrecorded just37% positive reviews. That’s lousy considering the pic is fromthe producers of 300 (Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari and Ryan Kavanaugh). Yet Relativity tries to claim this new epic adventure is “completely original — its not derived from a comic book; is not based on a novel; and is not a sequel.”Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) directed andCharles Parlapanides & Vlas Parlapanides are the credited screenwriters.Marketing was aggressive and therefore expensive. Itkicked off at Wondercon in April, followed by Comic-Con in July, and what even the studios says was a “barrage” ofpublicity media appearances, in-theater marketing, outdoor advertising, and radio/TV spots.Partnerships/alliances includedBest Buy.Relativity owns worldwide rights to Immortals; Lionsgate handled foreign sales. Alliance Films is releasing in Canada. About 70% of locationsplayed the film in 3D. Pic opened in over 35 international territories including China, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Russia. Current estimated weekend box office is approximately $36M with a number of territories (including Indonesia and India) still to report.Relativity says this wasthe first title releasing through Sky Land, its joint venture with IDG and Saif Partners in China.The list of foreign output partners and additional territories is as long as my arm, including Austria/Constantin,Bulgaria/MGN,China/Sky Land,Finland/Nordisk,Germany/Constantin,Greece/Village,India/Soundspace,Israel/Forum,Italy/RAI,Japan/Universal,Netherlands/A-Film,Russia/CIS/MGN,Romania/MGN,South Africa/Nu Metro,South Korea/Next,Sweden/Nordisk,Turkey/Aqua,UK/Universal,United Arab Emirates/Gulf,Malaysia/PT Parkit,Taiwan/SSG. 2. Jack And Jill (Sony Pictures) NEW [3,438 Theaters] Friday $9.8M,Saturday $9.6M,Weekend $26M Sony Pictures’ Jack And Jill starring Adam Sandler was hard-pressed to equal his usual $30+M opening comedies. (Maybe moviegoers aren’t as moronic as Hollywood thinks they are.) Rotten Tomatoes gave this turkey only a 3% positive score.Picreceived a ‘B’ CinemaScore but also an ‘A-” from audiences under age 18. After releasing a trailer that was as viciously derided as I’ve ever seen on Deadline, Sony is relieved this Christmas-themed PG movieat least opened. So Adamis off the hook. “It’s a family film so it will play to a better multiple through the season than his normal movies,” one rival studio exec tells me. But you’ve gotta wonder if Sandler is developing a Jim Carrey problem and the public will stop supporting him if he’s in too many stinkers like this. Sony is somewhat alarmed that Adam keeps working with the same cronies in almost every film,but the studio also can’t tell its long-time golden goose Happy Madison to stop laying eggs. Sony sources claim the film was made for $80M and, unlike many comedians,Adam’s filmsdo healthy business overseas because he’s worked at becoming a foreign draw. “So we will be in good shape when all is said and done,” the studio assures me. Unless moviegoers keep rememberingwhat a suckfest this was and can’t get that bad taste out of their mouths when theythink of paying for another film. Folks, it’sreleases like this that are killing thebiz. That said, Sony did its usual stellar job building awareness for this turkey directed by Dennis Dugan andproduced bySandler, Jack Giarraputo, and Todd Garner. The screenplay os credited to Steve Koren & Adam Sandler with story by Ben Zook. The marketing campaign targeted Sandler’s core fans, and the concept was easy to grasp. (Uh, that was the problem…) Adam did his usualplethora of appearances and promotions to supportthe pic.In addition to the stuff you’d expect (Leno, Kimmel, Conan, Letterman, Today Show, Regis and Kelly, ad nauseum), he also taped an intro for Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, and did a recent episode of Dr. Phil featuring the real life twins from the movie. There were integrationswith The X Factor and Survivor: South Pacific,interstitials on Nickelodeon, tie-ins on Comedy Central as well as promotions on TBS, ABC Family, and Univision, among others. Online Sony heldan awkward sibling photo contest ( and networked on social media with Sandler’sextensive fanbase, including his25 million friends on Facebook. 3. Puss In Boots 3D (DreamWorks Animation/Par) Week 3 [3,903 Theaters] Friday $8M,Saturday $9.8M,Weekend $25M,Cume $108.8M Anotherstrong +23% hold for the catbecause Puss In Boots clearly has nine lives. Until The Muppets open next weekend, that is. 4. Tower Heist (Universal) Week 2 [3,370 Theaters] Friday $4.8M,Saturday $5.5M,Weekend $13.1M (-45%), Cume $43.8M That superficially seems like a good hold. Until you realize Tower Heist wayunderperformed last weekend so it’s hardly impressive.Brett Ratner’s lousy week just keeps getting lousier. 5. J. Edgar (Warner Bros) NEW – opened Wednesday [1,901 Theaters] Friday $3.5M, Saturday $4.4M,Weekend $11.4M, Cume $11.5M Hollywood was disappointed there wasn’ta stronger per screen average for Clint Eastwood’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-buzzed biopic. But top critics on Rotten Tomatoes surprisingly gave J. Edgar only 55% positive reviews, and audiences only a ‘B’ CinemaScore. MORE 6. Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (NL/Warner Bros) Week 2 [2,875 Theaters] Friday $2.2M, Saturday $2.4M,Weekend $5.9M (-64%),Cume $23.2M 7. In Time (Fox) Week 3 [3,127 Theaters] Friday $1.5M, Saturday $1.7M,Weekend $4.1M, Cume $30.6M 8. Paranormal Activity 3 (Paramount) Week 4 [2,776 Theaters] Friday $1.3M, Saturday $1.6M,Weekend $3.6M,Cume $100.8M 9. Footloose (Paramount) Week 5[2,215 Theaters] Friday $1M, Saturday$1.2M,Weekend $2.7M, Cume $48.8M 10. Real Steel (DreamWorks/Disney) Week 6[1,758 Theaters] Friday $650K, Saturday $850K,Weekend $2M, Cume $81.7M 4 PM: Since it’s Veteran’s Day, it’s a different kind of Friday with school out in 60% of the country. So I’m hesitant calling anything off matinees and will wait until tonight firms up. But if current trends continue,Sony Pictures’ Jack And Jill starring Adam Sandler looks hard-pressed to equal his usual $30+M opening comedies. (Maybemoviegoers aren’t as moronic as Hollywood thinks they are.)While the 300-clone Immortals, the3D pic from Relativity,may not makemore than40% ofthe $70.8M opening weekend amount that the original 2D movie did. Immortals right now is looking tobe the #1 movie at the North American box office but “could be anybody’s ballgame tonight,” a rival studio exec cautions me. Immortals did $1.4M in midnight gross from approximately 900 locations which is so-so. On the other hand, Warner Bros’ J. Edgar is looking at a strong per screen average for Clint Eastwood’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-buzzed biopic.Top 5 like this but check in later: 1. Immortals 3D (Relativity) $28M estimated weekend from 3,112 Theaters for debut 2. Jack And Jill (Sony Pictures) $25M estimated weekend from 3,438Theaters for debut 3. Puss In Boots 3D(DreamWorks Animation/Paramount) $22M estimated weekendfrom 3,903 Theaters for Week 3 4.J. Edgar (Warner Bros) $18M estimated weekend from1,901 Theaters after opening Wednesday in limited run 5. Tower Heist (Universal) $15M estimated weekendfrom 3,370 Theaters for Week 2

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The brand new the new sony, MRC pact on 'House of Cards'

The brand new the new sony Pictures TV has inked a deal with Media Rights Captial to distribute David Fincher's approaching series "House of Cards."The show, helmed and professional produced by Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, will probably be handled through the new the new sony inside the U.S., Canada, Latin America and also the country after Netflix's window round the series expires."Ides of March" film author Love Willimon developed the series and may work as show-runner. As with every prestige project, you will discover plenty of producers: Fincher, Josh Donen, Eric Roth, Spacey, Dana Brunetti, and John Melfi will professional produce. Show is founded on a BBC series of the title produced by Andrew Davies and MIchael Dobbs, who also produce. Ron Cleveland and Sarah Treem write and convey.The pilot is put together by Willimon and helmed by Fincher. Contact Mike Thielman at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

'All My Children' online reboot in holding pattern

Although Susan Lucci won't be area of the My Children reboot, Cameron Mathison will. Prospect Park's planned 2012 online revival of "My Children" following its September exit from ABC is anticipated to become postponed by a minimum of a couple of several weeks.Sources acquainted with Prospect Park, which in fact had introduced This summer 7 it will bring both "Children" and "One Existence to resideInch to existence early the coming year as Internet series, believe they're leaning toward staggering the reboot of these two soaps, with "One Existence" coming back in front of its counterpart. ABC broadcast its final episode of "My Children" on Sept. 23, changed by food talkshow "The Chew." "One Existence" is scheduled for any The month of january farewell in the Alphabet internet, to become been successful by health-and-lifestyle show "The Revolution."The soaps are scheduled to air on recently produced The Internet Network (TOLN), which Prospect Park has stated will launch in The month of january with entertainment and lifestyle implies that would compliment the soaps.While several cast people happen to be secured for "One Existence," exactly the same has not been true for "Children" -- underscored by series legend Susan Lucci turning lower a deal to remain using the series. In September, Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley did sign up for that publish-ABC online version of "Children."In the day Prospect Park introduced its intends to keep your two soaps alive within an ad-supported online format, questions were elevated over the way the projects could be funded, with speculation rapidly developing that the cable home would always be located on their behalf. Former Disney Galleries mind Wealthy Frank co-founded Prospect Park, which co-produces such shows as "Royal Pains" for USA and "Wilfred" for Forex, with industry vet Shaun Kwatinetz. Contact Jon Weisman at

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Exclusive:Alexander Payne Looking For Wilson

And Nebraska will receive a new titleOscar-expected comedy-drama The Descendants marks a really welcome return fromAlexander Payne. It's his first directorial gig since Sideways, almost eight in the past, a small return fromone in our favourite filmmakers. Therefore the apparent, if tongue-in-oral cavity question to request when Empire swept up with him was would he please make more films? "Focusing on it!" Payne joked. "If only now to swing now from film to film just like a monkey to monkey from branch to branch."The very first monkey swing takes him to his old Midwestern stomping ground and Nebraska. Based on Payne, it's likely to obtain a new title (the film, not the condition) and casting news can not be too remote either, with filming because of begin in April.Payne intends to shoot in black-and-whitened and it is searching to locate a veteran of legendary standing to experience the maturing alcoholic father in the center from the story. The presently-upon the market Gene Hackman and Robert Forster, so great within the Descendants, are two names to possess been pointed out.Payne intends to crack straight on next - heading to California for his first comic-book adaptation,Wilson.As Empire reported a whiles back, Paynes's production company, Ad Hominen, has worked to create Serta 'Ghost World' Clowes' comic bookto the giant screen. Payne confirmed it's still beeping across his radar: "[Daniel] hasadapted their own graphic novel for me personally and we are likely to place it in Concord, California." Wilson is really a middle-aged misanthrope who's left staggering following the dying of his father and attempts to reunite together with his ex-wife and also the teen daughter he's never known. But who to experience him? Publish your casting ideas below.

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From 'Abduction' to Art House: Inside Taylor Lautner's Movie Transformation (Analysis)

A year ago, Rachelle Lefervre was anointed Hollywood's next large factor, yanking in offers for $7.5 million per movie and affixing themselves to a lot of large-budget potential blockbusters. However, if he deflated along with his stab at as an action star in September's Abduction ($71.7 million in worldwide box office), some industry affiliates began wondering when the 19-year-old who sets lots of teen-aged hearts aflutter inside the Twilight series will discover mass audience outdoors of his core franchise.our editor recommendsTaylor Lautner to Star in Gus Van Sant Indie Film (Exclusive)'Abduction's' Rachelle Lefervre is 'Like a young Tom Cruise' States Studio Professional (Video)'Twilight's' Rachelle Lefervre Occupies Funny or Die Sketch'Abduction's' Rachelle Lefervre on Undertaking the Movie's 'Crazy Stunts' (Video)'Abduction's' Jason Isaacs Talks Live training with Rachelle Lefervre: 'I Had My Work Eliminate for Me' (Video)'Twilight's' Rachelle Lefervre States Fans Are Passionate about Jacob, Not Him PHOTOS: 'Twilight: Breaking Beginning': New Images Now Lautner is making his next move -- as well as the Hollywood Reporter broke what is the news that he'll be walking into art house territory. Forgoing the lots of money, Lautner hopes to begin production inside the first quarter of next season around the film being helmed by indie auteur Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk). While particulars continue being emerging, the drama is going to be with various NYer magazine article that Lautner optioned. Lautner is mentioned being likely to work simply with top company company directors and authors any further, while he aims to define themselves becoming an actor. PHOTOS: 'Abduction' Red-colored-colored Carpet Premiere The job if the involves Lautner is apparent. "He's an action guy getting a very female audience. It's somewhat strange," states a higher studio executive. "I have got a hard time identifying what he or she must do and just what the world wants him to accomplish.In . This executive describes Lautner as "a great-sweet kid" who's also "very ambitious," adding, "he desires to be Tom Cruise." Despite his status to become good-natured and hard-working, formerly couple of years Lautner dropped interior and exterior lots of projects -- along with his cost ratcheting up whilst -- he really triggered producer Joe Roth to paddle him inside the press in March 2010. "I've never learned about anything similar to this throughout my whole existence," mentioned Roth after Lautner bailed around the project that Roth thought the actor had made the decision to complete. PHOTOS: Hollywood's A-List Transformed Sources say one problem that appears in discussions is always that Lautner's father, Serta, someone along with his boy inside their Quick Six production company, may serve as an expert producer on the majority of the projects the duo evolves together. A couple of countless days ago, states an origin associated with talks while using pair, Team Lautner was asking $9 million for Taylor and also the other $750,000 for Serta. The project which in fact had Roth feeling "jerked around" was Max Steel, with various Mattel action figure. Roth mentioned Lautner "sitting throughout my office and mentioned he was destined" to accomplish the film. Nevertheless it made an appearance he was destined rather to accomplish Stretch Remedy, with various Hasbro property, at Universal. Since project has lost momentum within the studio, although it's not destroyed. Formerly, Lautner also had dropped from Northern Lights, a project from producer David Ellison about extreme flying, to accomplish Abduction for Lionsgate and director John Singleton. But that movie attracted in just $27.2 million inside the U.S. It handled another $44.5 million overseas, suggesting Lautner's title does carry value overseas, but that was hardly enough to own art galleries salivating for the next Lautner action pic. He was installed on Incarceron, a sci-fi project at Fox. According to an insider, that project is headed into turnaround, but Lautner remains attached. Talk of collaboration around the film with Transformers director Michael Bay seems to own faded. Hollywood is obviously hungry for just about any new, bankable youthful star, which describes the burst of curiosity in Lautner. But just like his fellow Twilight stars Rachelle Lefervre and Billy Burke, there remain queries about whether his career will extend past the billions-grossing blockbuster series, the penultimate installment which, Breaking Beginning: Part I, opens November. 18. Thinking about the truth that Lautner's primary appeal would be to youthful women, one veteran producer questions a choice of Abduction, which looked to him like "some old adventure movie which will have starred Harrison Ford." A far greater move for Lautner, according to him, might be "something innocent but sexy for youthful women. Not just a comedy with romance but something such as The Notebook." Now, by associating themselves with Van Sant and also the indie accolades, Lautner seems being heading in the different direction -- and may be whether or not this's the very best move. "Each time a Twilight arrives, he's one minute,In . this producer adds. "He must be careful relevant for this moment." "He's an action guy getting a very female audience. It's a little strange. I have got a hard time identifying just what the world wants him to accomplish.In . -- A higher studio executive Related Subjects Rachelle Lefervre Gus Van Sant Twilight The Twilight Saga: Breaking Beginning - Part 2

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'Nanny' heads for South america

'The Nanny'Sony Pictures Television has inked its first scripted format production offer South america. A 3-year co-production pact without any. 4 web Band TV will start having a local version of SPT's hit sitcom, "The Nanny." Included in the agreement, SPT and Band TV will produce two other primetime sitcoms according to SPT's scripted format catalog or original productions. Both will share distribution from the skein worldwide. The 3 sitcoms is going to be created by Sao Paulo-based Floresta, a partnership between SPT and production professional Elisabetta Zenatti. Floresta produces the Brazilian version of "The Dr. Oz Show" for SPT. Composed of 180 episodes, the Brazilian "Nanny" is going to be removed Monday through Friday on Band TV the coming year. Local versions of "The Nanny" happen to be created in nine nations including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Russia. Contact the range newsroom at

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Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss:' Exactly what the Experts Say

Chuck Hodes Kelsey Grammer stars because the mayor of Chicago in Starz' chilling new drama, Boss, which premieres Friday at 10 p.m.our editor recommends'Boss' Start Looking: Kelsey Grammer's Serious for Starz (Video)Camille Grammer Places blame Fox News for Kelsey Grammer Marriage Worries Do you know the experts saying concerning the show, the industry departure from Grammar's star-making Frasier character? Creates Tim Goodman within the Hollywood Reporter: "Kelsey Grammer's drama strips politics lower to ugly truth -- creating an "it" reveal that marks the appearance of Starz. PHOTOS: Kelsey Grammer: Over time "You are able to think back in the good reputation for a variety of storied cable channels and select the series that really set them around the right course -- the series that built them into gamers. For Cinemax, it had been The Sopranos for Showtime, it had been Dexter for Forex, it had been The Shield as well as for AMC, it had been Mad Males," he continues. "Other series may have received just as much critical acclaim, but still others would get greater rankings. But individuals were game-changers. And today Starz has its own funnel-determining series in Boss, a wholly impressive new drama that arrives from the gate with gravitas, swagger, originality and intrigue. It's the type of series that really puts Starz into the spotlight (and when it can make 2 or 3 others, it will likely be a very competitive three-way race within the pay cable area)," he adds. STORY: Starz Renews Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss' In front of Drama's Premiere "Boss may be the type of series that appears to achieve the 'it' factor in the opening credits. High-quality emerging series frequently announce themselves with authority, therefore it's obvious Starz has something here. The premium cable funnel apparently has 19 million customers, comparable as Showtime, which trails Cinemax by a lot more than ten million. Which means Boss can produce a real difference, not just by as being a show people absolutely need to visit but additionally by tempting more creative producers to Starz," creates Goodman. VIDEO: Emmy Roundtable: Drama Stars Within the NY Publish, Linda Stasi creates, "Many of the characterizations work wonderfully, and also the acting is fantastic. But, at the disposal of Gus Van Sant ("My Very Own Private Idaho,") and Farhad Safinia ("Apocalypto"), and underneath the auspices of Starz from the sluts 'n' sandals epics like "Spartacus," the town of Chicago appears less just like a town than the usual principality run by some meth-fueled Arab sheik." But she suggests the violence, and quips, "Maybe they ought to refer to it as 'Mob Boss.'" Within the NY Daily News, David Hinckley creates, "Let's suppose Tony Soprano had run Chicago rather than the Jersey mob, and also you'll acquire some idea what to anticipate in "Boss," a tough-boiled new drama that catapults Kelsey Grammer right into a different world from Frasier Crane." "That relentlessness may be the primary factor which will keep some audiences from getting absorbed within this complex and rewarding drama. "Boss" rarely got its feet from the accelerator, and also the filming style, with frequent residual closeups of eyes or lips, magnifies the intensity," adds Hinckley. PHOTOS: Fall TV's 12 Most Anticipated Shows "This may also feel more intense due to the nudity and frequently joyless sex moments, by having an explicitness that doesn't add much otherwise towards the story," he continues." "It's correct that we've met many of these driven, self-obsessed, amoral figures before. We've seen the majority of the things they are doing,Inch he creates. "But that's the case with just about any drama, and Boss helps make the tales compelling and chilling once again." Kelsey Grammer Boss

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ratings: Castle Stays Strong

Castle Castle nabbed the most viewers in the final hour of Monday's prime time for the fifth straight week - 11.50 million vs. 10.87 million for CBS' Hawaii Five-0, which nonetheless won in the 18-to-49 demographic, 3.1 to 2.6. NBC, meantime, again ran a repeat of Prime Suspect in the former time slot of the canceled The Playboy Club, which 2.74 million people (0.8) watched. Fall TV Popularity Contest: What new shows have won you over? At 9/8c, the audience for Two and a Half Men dropped again to 14.85 million fans - a million fewer than last week - but the show still scored a night-leading 5.7 demo rating. Following Men, Mike & Molly drew 11.60 million (3.9 demo rating). House (back in its normal time slot) drew 8.37 million viewers (3.1 demo rating) after calling on a baseball-delayed 5.85 million (2.3) last week. The fourth episode of The CW's Hart of Dixie rose to 1.75 million and a 0.7; the freshman series rose by 9 percent among women 18-to-34 and 14 percent overall in that age group. Check out the rest of the day's news on In prime time's first hour, CBS sitcoms How I Met Your Mother lured 9.77 million fans (4.1 demo rating) and 2 Broke Girls 11.29 million (4.3) and The CW's Gossip Girl 1.32 million (0.6). A week after getting bounced back an hour by baseball, Terra Nova returned to its 8/7 time slot and rebounded to 7.97 million viewers, up more than a million. Its 2.7 demo rating was up 8 percent. Also starting at 8, Dancing with the Stars typically averaged the night's highest viewership at 17.47 million (3.2 demo rating), while NBC's The Sing-Off enticed a steady 4.32 million (1.6) over two hours.

'Pina' vies for Euro docu prize

BERLIN -- Wim Wenders' "Pina," Leonard Retel Helmrich's "Position One of the Stars" and Victor Kossakovsky's "Vivan las antipodas!" are competing with this year's European Film Award for documentary."Pina," a three dimensional tribute towards the late Pina Bausch, among modern dance's most groundbreaking choreographers, can also be Germany's foreign Oscar contender."Position One of the Stars," the ultimate entry of the Nederlander trilogy in regards to a working-class family in Indonesia, won the very best prize in the Worldwide Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam this past year."Vivan las antipodas!," that will open the Marly del Plata Film Festival in Argentina the following month, explores the planet through antipodal locations -- situated 180 levels opposite from one another worldwide, from Argentina and China to The country and Nz.Selected by committee, the nominated paperwork will be distributed around all 2,500 people from the European Film Academy, who'll election for that champion.The prize is going to be introduced in the European Film Honours in Berlin on 12 ,. 3. Contact Erectile dysfunction Meza at

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jewish may be the new red-colored

Ryan Kavanaugh The Anti-Defamation League honored Ryan Kavanaugh March. 11 in the Beverly Hilton. Co-emcee Ben Silverman, Boss and founding father of Electus, ribbed the guy from the evening. "It is all about Ryan. Clearly it certainly is about Ryan, but tonight particularly," he quipped. Though he was fighting temperature, Kavanaugh very asserted his Jewish heritage because he recognized ADL's entertainment industry award. "Usually person standing this is a Jew. I usually obtain the question -- Ryan Kavanaugh, red-colored hair -- but I am here once more to make sure you I am Jewish on sides," he stated. "And until my mother confesses she'd an affair using the milkman or even the postman I'll stay Jewish on sides." :- Shelby Hill Contact Variety Staff at

Friday, October 14, 2011

'Shame' U.K. Trailer: Tortured Soul Michael Fassbender Flashes Mattress room Eyes

.publish-content img 'Shame' was already most likely probably the most discussed movies striking the festival circuit this year, and when you're interested in Michael Fassbender, director Steve McQueen's exquisite shot composition and flashes of nearly scandalous behavior, compared to trailer can do nothing to dampen your anticipation. Inside the new film, Fassbender stars as Brandon, a NY sex addict which has a more sophisticated relationship along with his sister (Carey Mulligan). Maybe too complicated. 'Shame' can get to theaters on 12 ,. 2 because of Fox Searchlight. Right now, it seems known as with an NC-17 rating, due to some graphic sex moments and full-frontal nudity from Fassbender and Mulligan. That doesn't are available in the slightly NSFW trailer above, however, you will get yourself a taste of Harry Escott's wonderful score. Sneaky potential Oscar nominee alert! [with the Protector] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook RELATED

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams on Catherine Avery's Arrival and "Jaxie's" Future

Grey's Anatomy, Darlene Allen and Jesse Williams In the event you thought Meredith Grey stood a difficult mother, just hold off until you fulfill the matriarach in the exclusive Avery family. In this week's Grey's Anatomy, Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery (referred to by Darlene Allen, which has directed multiple cases of the ABC medical drama) involves Dallas Sophistication to do a groundbreaking surgery. His intrusive mother's visit becomes a lot more uncomfortable for him when it's revealed what procedure she's doing: A penis transplant. Grey's Anatomy Start Searching: Dallas Sophistication hits the dugout taken track of Jesse Williams to obtain the scoop on Catherine's stay at a health care facility as well as what's available money for hard times of Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Jackson (Or "Jaxie," while he likes to contact them): Which kind of body's Catherine Avery? Is she Ellis Grey, 2.? Jesse Williams: I'd say she offers a great deal that's much like her because she's a bit of the narcissist, she's incredibly meddling and many types of-knowing, with medical capabilities, but that spills to social confidence and associations, just giving information on every level. However, I'd say she's not the same as Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) because she's very warm, very maternal and being careful of. She's a touchy[-feely] mother who want to swaddle you up. That's engaging for Jackson, but furthermore a bit of the deterrent because there's a stage within the existence for the, but he's been trying to really make it by themself. Jackson doesn't desire to live off his legacy and also the title, which conflicts with him trying to bond together with his mother. We hear Jackson will ship Lexie off. How come not he want her to fulfill his mother? Williams: He doesn't desire to scare her off. He doesn't want her appear like she's being hit having a battering ram and achieving grilled. He doesn't expect his pregnant woman there extended. He needs her showing up, give a lecture, and take away. He doesn't know there's a groundbreaking method that sherrrd like to accomplish, which he's not a clue she'll essentially be living there for the short period of time. With delivering Lexie off, he's attempting to behave right, trying to begin new along with her and permit the pace set itself by not rushing into anything. Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rhimes: The love between Cristina and Owen remains Exactly what are Jackson and Catherine just like surgery? Is he trying to prove themselves? Williams: Sure, he desires to have her approval and wants her to think about he's ahead within the class. However don't appear like he's overburdened by trying to become great enough on her behalf very much the same as [he's with] his grandfather, who in several ways, isn't keen on him just like a person. He wants his mother to not be embarrassed about him, but he doesn't want her being meddling all up within the sh--. Which kind of interaction does Catherine have with Jackson's mentor, Mark (Eric Dane)? Does he seek her approval? Williams: Yeah, it's nice that Mark can also be funny, a prick, but he's always cocky and confident. It's nice to find out somebody put anybody with people characteristics inside their place, or switch them around the heads where those are the primary one seeking approval when they're very stingy in dishing it. It's part of Jackson's growth process with Mark in identifying who this dude is. There's a part of Jackson who not determine whether he should take him seriously, both just like a personality to ensure that just as one threat to his girlfriend and sex existence. Could he be described as a problem or possibly a genuine resource to Jackson? What's readily available for Meredith and Derek given that they have forfeit baby Zola? Cure will Catherine connect with at Dallas Sophistication? Williams: You'll probably see Catherine Avery come in with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Her dynamic with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is funny because Catherine starts meddling. She understood Ellis Grey, she knows the primary (James Pickens, Junior.), so she knows who Meredith is. Her trying to toy with Meredith just a little is always to suss out just what the deal is to apply Lexie. She's carrying out a not-very-clever meddling detective, usually directly before Jackson's face. It harkens as to the Jackson and Meredith experienced when Jackson's grandfather was here. Meredith was really the only individual that really got pressure and frustration to become a legacy and trying to create your individual title. As they labored alongside April (Sarah Came) and contains been pals along with her for any very long time, Jackson's mother knows her too and trained her in the class. Unconsciously to Jackson, it calculates April has not only been remaining in touch with his mother, that they didn't find out about, but they're really Facebook pals. [Laughs] He's startled and annoyed with the idea she's even on Facebook, so he feels there's no confidence in confidentially any more. Continue, what is going to we view for Lexie and Jackson? Especially since Chyler Leigh hasn't been around much this season. Williams: I'm really really taking into consideration the way the following handful of episodes may have by helping cover their each of them, "Jaxie," as they say. This is their explanation are affected from view of used in the identical space constantly, coping with Mark, her searching for her place, him getting pressure of fifth year, in addition to, Jackson trying to juggle everything. They've stood a great stride a few several days, and so i am excited to find out where it's going. However, you will dsicover them engaged in a really serious and relaxed dialogue and may be interacting inside the coming episodes. Grey's Anatomy's Jaw-Losing Moments: Meredith and Derek got married, George dies Mark clearly still cares for Lexie, precisely how will affecting "Jaxie's" relationship? Williams: We have not totally sussed that out yet. Mark has typically been a muck bag who just chases tail, but his relationship with Lexie was real which is difficult to shake people feelings. The whole triangular is about feelings and the way quickly they could fade or return, or convincing ourselves we're over somebody if we are not. Jackson went into the relationship with eyes available which they know the sale. Mark does a relatively admirable job about residing in the area. He really cares a good deal about Jackson just like a student together with a surgeon. How will you go through the fans who feel so strongly about Mark and Lexie fixing the relationship? Williams: I proceed and take audience's awareness very seriously. It's my job to wish to be alert to this after we make options as stars to put effort and time into creating these figures. I know they've got more particulars than Jackson does. After they see Jackson and Lexie, they're really alert to her history with Mark and so they expect something to happen. They wish to determine whether she's really over him so when she's continue. It's a perfectly reasonable question, and what I've been experiencing playing is Jackson dealing with that in the mature way, knowing it, while not being passionate about this. Jackson is learning he can't control everything. Do you want to see Lexie with Jackson or Mark? Hit should be genuine along with your ideas. Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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Nick Lachey Talks Future Fatherhood Plans

First Released: October 10, 2011 4:17 PM EDT Credit: Access Hollywood Caption Nick Lachey stops by Access Hollywood Survive September 10, 2011LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Nick Lachey had his wedding with Vanessa Minnillo in This summer, includes a home in the home town of Cincinnati now, the star and the new wife have to grow it. The Sing-Off host stopped by Access Hollywood Survive Monday, where he says his fatherhood plan's materializing. The 37-year-old told Billy Rose bush and Package Hoover he lately purchased a home across the street from brother and former fellow 98 Levels member Came Lachey. Thats type of that brother dream, Nick stated. Were gonna develop and also have houses alongside one another. Our children are likely to participate in the backyard together. Despite being married to some fellow star, Nick stated his ladylove is becoming accustomed to the Area lifestyle. [Vanessa has] really growing to like Cincinnati, its clearly not LA or NY nevertheless its an excellent spot to raise a household. Its where my loved ones is and it is type of her family now, and were loving it, he ongoing. I really like the thought of raising kids within the Area, in which the values are great and that i love the thought of raising my children alongside my buddy. Adding, Only one problem, I must access it the little one wagon! Nick stopped short creating a large baby announcement, saying, Eventually that'll be awesome. The Sing-Off airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All privileges reserved. These components might not be released, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Cinemark Refused Rehearing In Movie theaters Palme DOr Suit

A completely independent exhibitor rising against Cinemark notched another victory being an appeals court released another ruling in the favor. Flagship Cinemas of Palm Desert, who owns the ten-screenCinemas Palme d’Or,claims that Cinemark uses its market muscle to pressure the galleries to deny the independent theater the flicks that moviegoers need to see. A week ago, theCalifornia Condition Court of Appeals refused a motion by Cinemark for any rehearing. The appeals court ruled recently to reinstate the suit after Condition Superior Court ignored it in 2008. Movie theaters Palme d’Or co-owner Steve Mason stated thecase has an opportunity to preserve independent theaters countrywide.Rather than getting a proportion of accessible film product, we've got without any significant film product. Practically nothing, aside from really small releases,” Mason stated. “Cinemark is big, cheap 91% of their theaters have been in non-competitive zones provides them real monopolized leverage. They've the energy to seal lower independent theaters wherever they conduct business. Flagship Theaters really wants to show thatCinemark partcipates in circuit dealing, by which the owner ofmultiple theaters uses its combined buying energy to bid for films instead of putting in a bid well for every of their theaters. Its suit claims Cinemark’s Century Theaters will get greater-quality films because of its Century 15 in the River theater, situated in Rancho Mirage under two miles from Palme DOr, at less cost due to its size.Top distribution professionals from major galleries are required to testify once the suit would go to trial in La Superior Court.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Pursuit' starring 50 Cent sets start date

Emmett/Furla Films and Cheetah Vision Films are running after ''The Pursuit,'' joining up to create the experience thriller starring Curtis ''50 Cent'' Jackson. Project was introduced Tuesday by Randall Emmett, who co-runs Cheetah Vision with Jackson and it is joined with George Furla in Emmett/Furla Films. Emmett, Furla and Jackson are creating. Shooting continues to be set to begin February. 15 in Louisiana. Jessy Terrero (''Soul Plane'') will direct included in a 3-picture pointing cope with the producers.''The Pursuit'' is going to be written by Lionsgate through Cheetah Vision's 10-picture output deal.Story focuses on a cop and criminal unintentionally joining as much as find an steered clear of bank thief as each one has their own personal vendetta from the guy -- while a determined US Marshall tracks the males to avoid them from killing the convict. Matt Manley (''Into nowhere,'' ''Torque'') authored the script.Emmett/Furla is presently in pre-production on ''Broken City'' starring Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe and ''Frozen Ground'' starring John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens. Both films will start shooting this fall. The organization is within publish production on ''Lay the favourite,'' ''Fire with Fire,'' ''Freelancers'' and ''End of Watch.'' Emmett/Furla introduced recently a $250 million film fund with Picture Entertainment to invest in a brand new slate of star-driven commercial movies.Image Entertainment acquired privileges recently to football drama ''All Things Break Apart,'' starring Jackson, Ray Liotta, Mario Van Peebles and Lynn Whitfield, with Van Peebles pointing. ''All Things Break Apart,'' created by Jackson and Emmett, is slated to have an early 2012 theatrical release. Contact Dork McNary at

Monday, October 3, 2011

Michael Jackson Wrongful dying Trial Gets into second Week

First Launched: October 3, 2011 9:11 AM EDT Credit: Getty Images Caption Dr. Conrad Murray Pleads Not Prone To Involuntary Wrongful dying La, Calif. -- The wrongful dying trial against Michael Jacksons physician begins its second week Monday with prosecutors evolving their study of the er physician who gave paramedics permission to pronounce the pop celebrity dead inside the mattress room of his home. Prosecutors are actually setting up their situation against Dr. Conrad Murray largely in chronological fashion, with witnesses throughout the initial week of trial recounting the entertainers final performances, his interactions with fans on his last day and frantic efforts to create back the King of Pop. Government physiques contend Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose in the anesthetic propofol together with other sedative drugs inside the entertainers mattress room this past year. Murrays lawyers are showing jurors by getting another theory that Jackson gave themselves the lethal dose when Murray left the region. The Houston-based cardiologist has pleaded not liable. Murray, 58, faces four years in jail and losing his medical license if billed. Prosecutors is constantly on the question er physician Richelle Cooper, who approved careful analysis pronounce Jackson dead within the leased mansion. Murray wanted resuscitation efforts to continue within the hospital. Cooper and also the other physician are needed to testify regarding interactions while using cardiologist. Cooper might be the twelfth witness prosecutors havecalled up to now inside the trial, that's prone to last 5 days. Jackson loomed large throughout opening claims and testimony the other day, with Deputy Da showing jurors an image from the lifeless Jackson around the gurney and playing clips of his final performances within the film Here You Go. Jurors also heard throughout opening claims a never-before-heard recording of Jackson, rambling and slurring his words, which Walgren mentioned was taken off Murrays cell phone. The doctors phone records certainly are a central part of the prosecution situation. Prosecutors intend to show records of Murrays phone calls and emails within the several hours before Jacksons dying showing the singer had alternative activities on his mind getting his $150,000 monthly deal for everybody as Jacksons personal physician approved, running his medical practices and fielding calls from mistresses. Throughout a preliminary hearing, prosecutors shown that Murray was involved with three phone calls inside the hour before he emerged from Jacksons mattress room and anxiously told a chef to locate help. Among Murrays former patients, Las vegas sales rep Robert Russell, detailed among people requires jurors the other day. Russell recognized Murray in testimony, crediting the doctor with saving his existence, but mentioned he'd grown distant after going to get results for Jackson. Russell mentioned he referred to as doctors office seeking solutions about his care on June 25, 2009 your entire day Jackson died. Murray returned this content at 11:49 a.m., roughly a quarter-hour before telling Jacksons chef to call security and asking to talk with Jacksons earliest boy, Prince. Eventually through the trial, prosecutors are needed to detail another phone calls and emails Murray fielded tomorrow, including anyone to his girlfriend that was apparently made at the rear of the ambulance to be able to a health care facility. The particular order of witnesses is unclear. The judge controlling the problem enforced a gag order the other day barring both sides or their spokespeople from speaking in regards to the situation outdoors of court. (Copyright 2011 by Connected Press) Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson: The World Tour: Theater Review

MONTREAL -- The Gloved One may be dead, but thanks to Cirque du Soleil, the late pop star's life remains a circus with Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour saluting the King of Pop Sunday night with a world premiere in Montreal.our editor recommendsMichael Jackson Judge Issues Gag Order After Attorney's 'Today' Show Appearance (Video)Michael Jacksons Security Guard Says Conrad Murray Had Him Remove Drug VialsJanet Jackson Will Not Perform at Michael Jackson Tribute ConcertMichael Jackson Tribute Concert Adds Black Eyed Peas to LineupMichael Jackson Tribute Concert's Organizers, Fans and Family in Dispute Jurors in Conrad Murray Trial Won't See Michael Jackson Tour Announcement, Judge Rules Here was another full on production from iconic concertdirector-choreographer Jamie King, a veteran concert tour director for Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion. But a concert being live performance, King's latest tour creation suffered without a star live performer to anchor the show and provide a focus. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Notable Deaths Sure, Jackson's digitally recorded voice, fronted by a live band and around 60 dancers and circus performers, drives the show. But Cirque du Soleil, for all its legendary inventiveness, can't match Michael Jackson, for all his iconic song-writing and dancing flamboyance, step for step, music performance for music performance. In the late pop star's place, King's stage setting offers afantastical realm, in keeping with Jackson's otherworldly persona. And the framing story is a plea for global love and peace embodied in a Giving Tree, one of the giant oak trees at the Neverland Ranch, and the apparent source of Jackson's song-writing creativity. Set designer Mark Fisher's 12-meter-high Giving Tree, which opens to the concert audience via the Neverland Ranch gates, eventually gives way to a fantasy-driven world of ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, draw bridges and toy trains. STORY: Michael Jackson's Mom Will Not Sell Family Estate, Court Hearing Reveals "Have you seen my childhood," the audience hears Jackson's digital voice intone, as we recall his best Peter Pan plea that all along, Jackson was just a kid at heart, trying to relive a childhood he never knew. We see on stage in The Immortal World Tour elephants, a giant hat big enough to hold two dancers, and a soft sculpture glove by which performers create varied hand positions. And we see a young Michael as an animatronics puppet during the "Ben" track float in a giant balloon into the arena, to the applause of the capacity Bell Arena audience in Montreal. It's all classic Cirque du Soleil, except, of course, for the absence of the late, great entertainer himself. STORY: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert to Stream Live on Facebook His absence is all the more glaring each time Jackson shows up on a giant LED screen or the stage-length scrim, via video of his old gigs like the 1987 Bad World Tour, or the pyrotechnics and illusions of the 1992 Dangerous World Tour. King makes the most of the absence. The red jacket, the sequins, the glittering glove and white sock/dance shoes are all represented with props. Dancers showcase the deceased singer's iconic steps, including the moonwalk and his famous leaning motion. Zombie dancers rise from the grave during the "Thriller" track, accompanied bypulsing synths and power choruses. And there's the predictable Cirque du Soleil touches: a mime and a monkey figure dance together during the "Blame It on the Boogie" scene and four performers swing high in the air on ropes during the "Human Nature" track. STORY: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert's Organizers, Fans and Family in Dispute But a circus mime, a contortionist, acrobats, and dancers and their sweat-breaking choreography can't replace the Real Deal. And make no mistake: Michael Jackson The Immortal Tour is not Jackson's life story. We see a familiar character arc that took Jackson from musical boy wonder as a fifth of the Jackson 5 to global pop genius. But a Cirque du Soleil production sanctioned by the Jackson family could well offend the pop star's detractors for dismissing much that held Jackson's fans and the paparazzi in thrall until his untimely death in 2009: the "sleeping with boys" allegations, Jackson in handcuffs and on trial, the pill popping, the bleached white skin, the spending sprees and the botched plastic surgery. King's quasi-metaphysical storyline of Jackson¹s music and songs,and his quest for global love and protecting the world¹s children, instead never strays from a fantastical, circus sensibility. But the magic of Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour is the King of Pop's detractors will be left shaking their heads over what all the circus that's come to town means, and Jackson's legions of fans will know exactly what their idol is saying, seemingly from beyond the grave. Michael Jackson

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Friday, September 30, 2011

'Hatchet' cameraman to helm threequel

GreenMcDonnellAfter serving as a cameraman on Adam Green's "Hatchet" and its sequel, BJ McDonnell has been tapped to direct "Hatchet 3." McDonnell will make his directorial debut with the horror pic, a co-production of ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films, a subsidiary of the MPI Media Group. Green, who wrote and directed the first two films in the slasher series, will work closely with McDonnell on all aspects of production. "Hatchet 3" will pick up where the last film left off, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country. Sequel will continue the story of villain Victor Crowley, who first made his gruesome mark in the original 2007 pic. "Hatchet II" made headlines last fall when it became the first unrated indie horror film to be exhibited by a major chain (AMC Theatres) in more than 25 years. Over the last decade, McDonnell has been the camera operator on major Hollywood films such as "Battle Los Angeles," "The Darkest Hour" and Rob Zombie's "Halloween." He's currently in Pittsburg shooting Paramount's Tom Cruise-starrer "One Shot." "I've been with the 'Hatchet' team from the very beginning and am honored and thrilled that Adam has handed me the reins on this third movie," said McDonnell. "I grew up watching horror films and like Adam Green, I'm a true genre fan at heart. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this to step up and make my directorial debut with something I love and know inside and out." "BJ was not only the camera operator on the first two 'Hatchet' movies. He was there alongside me creating every shot, working closely with me to craft each scene, moment, outrageous kill, and performance," said Green. "He is absolutely beloved by the entire Hatchet family and his experience on everything from huge studio films to smaller independent productions will ensure that he will do the franchise proud." In addition to the "Hatchet" films, ArieScope's other movies include "Frozen," "Spiral" and "Grace," while MPI/Dark Sky Films has produced and distributed genre titles such as "The House of the Devil," "Stake Land" and "The Innkeepers." Contact Jeff Sneider at

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stephen King Writing Sequel To Shining

Danny Torrance vs. vampires!Reading an excerpt from his latest work-in-progress at a George Mason University event, Stephen King has confirmed what has long been rumoured: he is indeed writing a sequel to his early classic The Shining.Obviously this isn't strictly movie news, but given the fame and infamy of Stanley Kubrick's 1980 Shining adaptation (King has never been a fan, and oversaw his own TV miniseries in the 1990s), it's as near as dammit. Watch how quickly the new novel gets picked up for the screen.The original involved young Danny Torrance and his imaginary friend Tony ("the little boy that lives in my mouth") spending a hellish winter at the Overlook Hotel with his writer father Jack, who's gradually losing his mind: the great question is whether the hotel is haunting Jack or Jack is haunting the hotel. Either way, it doesn't end well.Danny does survive the ordeal though, and its his story that the new book, Dr Sleep, picks up in adulthood. Few details have been revealed so far, but the excerpt that King read at the George Mason event featured a roving troop of vampires called The Tribe.Danny vs. vampires? It seems initially like an idea from way out of leftfield, but we'd suggest that what's likely is that this is another post-Dark Tower example of King tying his universe together: not a Shining sequel per se, but simply a new novel that happens to include Danny Torrance. Some time ago there were rumours of King writing a 'Salem's Lot follow-up involving a drifting Father Callahan (another recurring character) with vampires in tow. Could Dr Sleep be that same book?Much to be learned then, but it's OK, King writes fast. A new e-book, Mile 81, is just out, and his next proper novel, 11/22/63, is published in November.

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Sylvia Robinson dies at 76

Sylvia Robinson, the R&B and disco artist who grew to become "mom of stylish-hop" together with her label Sugar Hill Records, died Sept. 29 inside a Secaucus, N.J., hospital. She was 75 and apparently experienced from congestive heart failure. Born Sylvia Vanderpool in NY, she recorded her first single for Savoy Records in 1951. She was courted by hustler Joe Robinson, who grew to become her manager within the mid-'50s, and also the pair married in 1964. At Robinson's suggestion, Sylvia started recording together with her guitar teacher, Mickey Baker. In 1956, Mickey & Sylvia's reworking of Bo Diddley's "Love Is Strange" grew to become a No. 1 R&B hit with no. 11 pop success. The duo separated ways when Baker gone to live in France in early '60s. Through the years, Sylvia authored, arranged and created hits for Joe Johnson, Ove & Tina Turner, the Moments and Shirley & Company. She also recorded hits of her very own: "Pillow Talk," a lubricious number she'd unsuccessfully demoed for Al Eco-friendly, hopped to No. 1 around the R&B chart (with no. 3 around the pop list) in 1973. Within the next decade, she'd cut 11 more R&B chart singles. Through the late '70s, the Robinsons' label All Platinum -- which for some time controlled the Chess Records catalog -- is at serious financial trouble. In 1979 the pair began another imprint, Sugar Hill Records, with money lent from Roulette Records' well known owner Morris Levy. Sylvia required principal charge of its talent. Sugar Hill grew to become a crucible of early rap. Its breakout hit was the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" (1979), adopted in quick succession by extremely popular 12-inch singles by Grandmaster Expensive & the Furious Five, Melle Mel, the Treacherous Three, Funky Four Plus One and also the West Street Mob (whose people includes the Robinsons' boy, Joey). Sugar Hill's reign in rap ended following a distribution cope with MCA Records -- brokered by reputed mobster Salvatore Pisello -- flattened within the late 1980s. Rhino Records bought the business's catalog in 1995. Joe Robinson died in 2000. Robinson is made it by three sons, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Contact the range newsroom at

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Real Truth About Nancy Grace's "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Nancy Sophistication It absolutely was the talk in the Dwts ballroom Tuesday evening, even though nobody was sure just what had happened on Monday, when talk show host Nancy Sophistication blushed after her quick step with professional Tristan McManus and, standing with host Tom Bergeron as you're watching idol idol judges, quickly re-modified her low-cut bronze gown over her right breast.It happened so quick the studio audience didn't react whatsoever. And Class demands that nothing happened, and zilch important was revealed. We put some burning queries to executive producer Conrad Eco-friendly, that's been careful about possible wardrobe fiascos since Season 1, when Kelly Monaco's dress strap broke within a dance and he or she required to finish by supporting her bodice.TV Guide Magazine: To start with, was there a wardrobe malfunction? Conrad Eco-friendly: I'm not entirely sure what anybody saw. Just like a precaution we cut away, because you can't tell. The truth is a shade of something, but they're unsure how it is. I realize that Nancy was wearing that which you call "flower flower petals," which are essentially nipple covers. In addition to, the lining of her dress was brown. Therefore we are unsure exactly what it was, nevertheless it was an instinct factor, and then we cut away.TV Guide Magazine: Exist more wardrobe safeguards in place? Eco-friendly: A lot more doubt, and also, since Jesse Jackson [who infamously and unintentionally showed her breast within the 2004 Super Bowl after Justin Timberlake cheated her bustier jacket], [the ballroom ballroom dancers] placed on the flower flower petals, which we hold the five second tape delay. We're always very about it.Tv Guide Magazine: Perhaps you have employ the tape delay on Monday evening? Eco-friendly: For your Colonial, yes, we did. This is why we stop to watching people, because i was unsure. However, if we have got for the West coast, we fixed it, we made certain the shots were fine. I'm not entirely sure what anybody saw. However I realize that they was wearing the flower flower petals for protection. So our systems labored.Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine today!